Lens Questions

A lot of you had more questions about lenses so I’m going to try and address them.  First, let me say that lenses are a total choice of preference.  What works for me may not work for you.  You should really try and rent a lens before you buy.  I ALWAYS rent a lens before I buy it.  In Orange County you can rent from Samys camera (although I refuse to actually buy anything from them, but that’s a whole different post).  If you rent from Samys on a Friday after 3pm you get to keep it until Monday morning for the cost of a one day rental!  If you don’t live close to a big city with a camera store that rents lenses there are a couple of companies that will send you lenses that you want to rent.  How cool is that?  Borrow Lenses is one company that will do that.

Okay, onto the questions.

Tonya asked:  So you think the 1.2 is worth all those pennies! It is next on my list for sure…I love my 1.4…did you find a big difference between the 1.4 and 1.2?

Yes, I absolutely did.  But rent it first to see if YOU think it’s worth the investment!  The 50 1.4 was my first prime lens and I absolutely hated it.  I gave up prime lenses after using it a few times and then I dropped it and broke it.  Mine back focused a lot.  Maybe I just got a faulty one.  From what I’ve heard I think it’s an okay lens until you can afford the 1.2.  The difference is really incomparable in my opinion.  And I would love to see what you could do with the 50 1.2 because your pictures with the 1.4 are already awesome!

Bethany asked:  My question is, how often do you find yourself using your 24 mm and 85 mm. I have a 50 mm {want to upgrade though!!} and am now in the market to add to my bag! I was thinking I wanted a 35 mm and an 85 mm. Any thoughts? I pretty much have decided not to get a zoom of any sorts and stick with prime lenses because of the exact thing you mention…sharpness! {I have a Sigma zoom but am selling it!}

I use the 24 more than the 85.  I used to use the 85 a lot, but once I got the 50 I hardly ever use it.  Rent both the 24 and 35 and see what you like.  In my opinion I would go with the 24 because it’s wider.  You already have the 50 so the 35 may be too similar.  

Also, I know you said you are going to sell your Sigma but, I’m very much opposed to buying third party lenses.  Yes, they are less expensive, but you get what you pay for.  I think it’s well worth the wait to save a little more money and buy a good quality lens.

Simone asked:

I’m a Nikon girl and am really enjoying it. I’ve often thought of making the switch to Canon but I decided to stick with my Nikon gear since it’s so expensive to make the switch and they’re so close in competition. Anyway, I’ve started shooting with my 50mm 1.8 and can’t believe what a difference it makes compared the the 24-120mm 3.5 and other lenses I had been using. I’ve often thought about getting the 50mm 1.4. Do you think there is a big difference between the 1.8 and 1.4??

I’m not sure about Nikon and I never had the Canon 50 1.8, but I’m sure it’s a better lens.  However, like I’ve said over and over in this post, rent it!  That way you’ll know before investing.

Hope that clears some things up!  Happy Friday!  I’m super excited to shoot my first wedding in 2 1/2 months tomorrow.  Woohoo!


  1. Christina says

    I am just loving this new blog. Thanks for all of the great info you are providing. I have been a fan of your photography for a long time. Look forward to every post here and at your photography blog.

    Christina’s last blog post..A New Bed in 10 Minutes

  2. Bethany says

    Thanks Drew!! I appreciate it!! I need to figure out if there is somewhere around here to rent from!!

    And I got the Sigma back before I knew what I was even doing!! It was fine for the time, but the more I learn and the further I come, it just isn’t sharp enough for me!!

    Bethany’s last blog post..Making Friends Mondays…The Thursday Version!

  3. Candice says

    hi there! i’m not a mom…but i am an aunt of 6 and a mom to a pup…..

    i just wanted to say that i shoot nikon and the 50 mm 1.4 is a WAY better lens than the 1.8. I think the 1.8 was a great place to start and a great bang for your buck!

    have a great time shooting your wedding!! 🙂 i love your work!

    Candice’s last blog post..Not Done Yet: Lauren!

  4. Simone says

    Thanks Drew! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions as well as everyone else’s.
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Tonya says

    Drew…I can’t believe how awesome you are on this blog…I mean I can, but holy moly…look at you taking the time to answer questions…you are awesome…

    I do have backfocusing issues with my 1.4 and have taken it in twice due to focusing…so I hope the 1.2 does not have similiar issues…I agree renting is always good before the plunge!

    Seriously though, thanks for the info…

    Cool blog!

    Hope your wedding went well…



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