New Camera!

Last week I bought a new point and shoot and I’m in love!  I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about the Canon G10 so I went to Best Buy to check it out.  Hello!  It’s a point and shoot that you can shoot on manual!  That totally sold me!  It definitely takes some getting used to and I don’t think I’ll be shooting weddings with this thing, but I love having it as my day to day camera.  I’m not the type of mom who is going to bring my 5D to the park or Gymboree.  Because if I take the 5D then I have to take the 50 and the 24-70 and then maybe I’ll need the fisheye.  I just hate lugging all of my expensive gear around.  But, then I would often forget my point and shoot at home because it just never did the job.  I didn’t love taking pictures of it. So, I convinced myself that if I bought the G10 I would be able to take more pictures of Brayden and so far it’s worked.  Here are the pros and cons as I see them so far:


- I already said it, but you can shoot in manual.  I love that for the same reason I love shooting on manual with my DSLR – the camera can lie and I like being in full control.

- There is very minimal shutter lag.  And that’s important with a 17 month old running around.

- You can shoot in RAW as well as Jpeg.  Although, I don’t see myself shooting in RAW it’s still nice to have as an option.

- I can be lazy.  Shooting in manual with automatic flash can be great sometimes when I just want to be a mom and take snapshots.


- It seems that anything above 400 ISO is pretty darn grainy.

- It’s $500.  That’s pricey for a point and shoot.

- It’s a little complicated to work.  This camera is definitely for the advanced amateur!

I think that if you’re serious about photography, but don’t have the bucks to invest in a DSLR then this camera is for you.  It allows so much more flexibility than other point and shoot cameras.  The color that comes out of it is pretty good.  It’s a great little camera from what I can tell so far :)  Here are some shots from our first “camping” trip this weekend.  And I say “camping” trip because we didn’t actually make the night.  We ended up driving home that night.  But, more on that later :)

And, yes, before you ask these are edited images.  They are not straight out of camera.  But the SOOC looked pretty good too ;)






  1. keri says

    A timely review – I was considering getting a point and shoot since I’m too lazy to haul the SLR everywhere. Also, were pics #2 & 3 taken at the same time/place as #1? The bulldozer shot looks like it might have been overcast, but you have beautiful sun flare in the others. Thanks!

  2. Sarah says

    Great pictures! I am using a point and shoot right now but I shoot in manual. I’m just learning the details of photography and can see an improvement in my pictures but I still think they are lacking something. What are you doing in the editing step to make your pictures have a little more? I’m slowly learning Photoshop but find it a struggle. Any suggestions?

  3. Taryn says

    My husband bought me the G10 as a late Christmas present and I love it! I don’t shoot alot in manuel but my hubby has figured it out and I love the pictures it takes.I have dreams of one day being a great photographer but right now this camera is helping me capture some pretty awesome images. All the pictures on my blog were taken using it. I love some of the tips you’ve shared and really enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing!

  4. i’m so happy that you posted this. i saw your twitter message about it and was going to ask you more about it this evening. i am similar in that i dont lug my slr everywhere but do my point & shoot. it would be nice to be able to capture decent images with it. i may have to invest in one…after the 5d, of course.

  5. Navy Sou says

    So cool! Yes, I hate lugging my 5D around to dinner, to the pool, etc. What a great alternative. Thanks, Mrs. B!

  6. Annie says

    Thanks for the review! I have been wanting a new p&s because the one I have now refuses to take a decent picture! I mostly use mine for short videos now.

  7. Carebear says

    Congrats on the new camera – you’re taking great images with it, no surprise! I actually started out on an advanced p&s, the sony dsc-h50 and it was a wonderful camera until I outgrew it. Upgraded last month to the Nikon D90 and am in Heaven. But I would HIGHLY recommend the Sony H50 with Carl Zeiss lens to anyone wanting to wade into manual controls, etc…

  8. Tiffani says

    Hi, thank you for all of thison this site. I have learned so much on here already.

  9. Michelle says

    Hi Drew! :op Would you say that photoshop is a MUST HAVE? Is this what you use to edit your pictures? And lastly do you have any recommendations for those of us that dont have $700 to invest in photoshop at the moment? Thanks! :op

  10. Michelle says

    one more. :op have you thought of making a Mom*Tog button for those of us who would like to show our love of all things Mom*Tog on our site?

  11. megan says

    I want to hear more about the “camping” trip. :) I recommended the G10 to a friend of mine and she LOVES it…it will definitely be my next P&S!

  12. Heather says

    Hey, I like those shorts!! hehe

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