Paul Frank… At Target???

Anyone who knows B knows he loves Paul Frank.  His love began when he saw his BFF Owen wearing cool Paul Frank clothing.  We’ve been known to spend $40 on Paul Frank pajamas.  Because they are that cool.  Overpriced, but totally cool.  Well, my friend Heather was telling me yesterday that they had Paul Frank at Target.  Target?  I totally didn’t believe her.  I thought it was some imitation Paul Frank monkey.  She also told me that the fair closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and I totally didn’t believe her either.  Yeah, she was right about that too.  Sorry Heather!

So, anyways, back to my story.  I went to Target today and guess what?  Heather was right again!  They do have Paul Frank at Target!  I bought B a raincoat (because we really need that in California… in July, right?) for $13, a hat for $7 , and an umbrella for $7!  Do you know how much that would have cost at the Paul Frank store?  It’s going to make for some super cute pictures next winter!

Here’s proof:


Some people who shall remain nameless (cough, cough Michelle) are not so happy about Paul Frank being made more readily available to the masses.  Her kids are pretty much known for having the coolest Paul Frank gear around.  But, I say spread the Paul Frank love!  Now, every man, woman, and child can look cool!

And here’s a pic of B in one of my most favorite Paul Frank shirts.  I wish they made one that said “My B thinks I’m Rad!”



  1. Amanda says

    I could make you a personalized shirt, with that saying. What size is he now?

  2. Nicole says

    My local TJ Maxx carries A LOT of that Paul Frank monkey stuff. You should check out a place like that for super cheap finds!!

  3. Angela says

    CAREFUL! I’ve been known to get kicked out of Target for taking pics in there. I guess it’s against their policy? They even see me whip out my phone and there are dozens of Target team members on every aisle looking over my shoulder!

    Angela’s last blog post..

  4. Well I checked and so far it’s only baby stuff 😉 Cough Cough

  5. admin says

    Um, Amanda. You rock!

  6. admin says

    I was pretty sneaky. Hence, the horrible quality on my iphone. But, that’s crazy! I guess they don’t want walmart employees coming in and stealing their ideas…

  7. heather says

    Drew, you CRACK me up!! I’m glad you finally believe me. I wasn’t feeling the love with all the doubt in our friendship..LOL, totally jk!! Oh, and I say spread the Paul Frank love too, so that people like me can afford it. YIKES!!

  8. Navy Sou says

    I completely love Paul Frank and yes, I could not believe my eyes when I saw a black zip up hoodie jacket dawning the iconic Paul Frank monkey on the front of it at TARGET. At first glance, I thought someone left their jacket there! Lol! It’s a good thing for some people, but I hate the fact that it degrades the brand so much. 🙁 Oh well!

    Navy Sou’s last blog post..Red, White & Blue

  9. Elizabeth says

    Does Paul Frank carry things for girls too? Drew, that pic of B is priceless. He looks like he is cracking up.

  10. admin says

    Elizabeth – Heck yeah! They have adorable girls clothes! Even clothes for us big girls 🙂

  11. Paul Frank sold their license last year. This means whoever buys the license can slap their images on their product. Similar to what Disney does (but the prices go up at the Disney store as that is REALLY a Disney product)It is not the same quality, nor selection hence why it is cheaper. Another item Target is taking from the small mom and pops shops…

    Noel Kelley’s last blog post..Abbey!

  12. karen maguire says

    Kind of upset because Paul Frank used to have good quality zip up sweaters, saw it at Target and it is made sooooooo cheaply, very thin not like the Paul Frank sweaters i am used to.

  13. admin says

    I’ve actually had a quite a few Paul Frank items that I’ve bought full price, at the PF store rip on me so I don’t know if I agree the quality was all that great. Obviously going to be much lower at Target, but at least you know you get what you paid for. When I pay $40 for two pairs of baby booties and they rip the first time they are worn, that makes me angry. If I would have paid $12 for hem I probably wouldn’t have cared as much.

  14. Kristin says

    I can’t believe this. My kids only wear Small Paul. Everyone always tells me how cute and unique their clothes are. Now everybody is going to be wearing Julius. I don’t like it and I am very dissapointed.

  15. amm says

    Paul Frank at Legoland is super expensive. Isn’t it kind of passe now? It was cute a few years ago, but I don’t see that moneky much now-adays. I guess they are desperate for business now after turning down so many other deals in the past few years.

  16. I just bought Ezra the yellow rain coat for NINE dollars off of their clearance rack. Woowoo! One of my favorite newborn onsies was a small paul guy. So soft. Loved it!

  17. P.S. I love your wood floors!

  18. Andy says

    Paul Frank is no longer with the company anymore. Which sounds weird. Might be one of the reasons they have “sold out” to Target. I have read articles where Mossimo is part owner now. Kinda stinks I think.