Yesterday Daddy had the day off of work so he took B to his swimming lesson.


But then the teacher didn’t show up.  So they played with cups


and splashed in the water while I finally got to take some pictures of B in the pool (since I’m usually in there with him)


Then B fell off the step and he was chilly (how B tells us he’s cold)


But he stayed in for a few more minutes


Until his lips turned blue (No, Chuck.  For the last time, I CANNOT MAKE YOU TANNER IN PHOTOSHOP!  Stop asking!)


And then he got snuggly, cozy in his favorite towel.  Don’t worry.  His lips eventually went back to their normal color.


The end.


  1. Ryann says

    Love, love, love it! :o)

    p.s. if you ever figure out a way to make people tanner in photoshop… pass it on! LOL!

  2. Jessica says

    This is super cute Drew! And the comment about making your hubby tanner in Photoshop is hilarious!

  3. Tonya says

    So did you take these with your new point and shoot? I love it when you post your camera setiings. Can you post them next time? Darling pool pics by the way. I loved that you captured his cold sign…to cute!

  4. Diana says

    Thank you for starting my morning off with a good giggle! I love your B photo stories!

  5. Catharine says

    so fun! I love water pictures. Also funny about the tanning comment. My sister constantly asks me to “tan” her up as well!

  6. Tracy says

    So cute!!! I am missing those days.

  7. Heather says

    “No, Chuck. For the last time, I CANNOT MAKE YOU TANNER IN PHOTOSHOP!” LOL!!! You crack me up Drew. These photos are great. You gotta get some of all three of our kiddos together. Miss you guys!!!

  8. Julie says

    The picture of him all wrapped laughing his heart out is just precious. Priceless.

  9. Navy Sou says

    HILARIOUS!!! (The tan part!)

  10. sarah says

    gorgeous and adorable series of images :)

  11. sarah says

    maybe it would help if i put in my correct website… i’m running a mile a minute and typing even faster!

  12. stacy says

    so cute Drew! great smiles! and great photos!!

  13. I loved this post! The story, the pictures, loved it!!

  14. That last photo is fantastic! Love little B!

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