50 1.2 Continued…

A few of you wanted to know if I’m not shooting wide open with the 50 1.2, then what the heck is the point of buying it versus the 50 1.8 or the 50 1.4.  Besides the larger price tag, the difference is the glass.  It’s an L series lens, which is the best glass Canon has to offer.  It’s also much faster than the other primes.  It focuses much faster, quieter, and more accurately than the other lenses.  It’s crisp and sharp.  Like, razor sharp.

During a recent mentoring session I let Jen borrow my 50 1.2 so she could see the difference.  This is the comment she left in the last post:

The clincher for me was when I borrowed your lens at the shoot — the 1.2 was more in focus and tack-sharp vs. the 1.4. I actually loved my 1.8, but the 1.2 is nothing short of amazing. And I’ll say that even when shooting at 2.8 the pictures come out so much sharper

You really have to try out the 50 1.2 for yourself to see the difference.  It’s a great piece of glass.  Do all of you Mom*togs NEED it?  If you have an extra $1600 laying around then sure.  Why not?  But, like I’ve said before (and I’ll keep saying over and over again) having the most expensive camera with the most expensive lenses won’t make you a good photographer.  It’s only one part of the puzzle.  You need to know how to use that equipment and have a good  understanding of light.  Someone who has a Rebel camera body, the Canon 50 1.8, with a good knowledge of light and how to use their camera will be able to take better pictures then someone who has no understanding of light and a 5D Mark II and 50 1.2.

Just do yourself a favor and don’t try it until you’re ready to buy it.  Because once you try it you will have to have it :)


  1. Rachael says

    I have a question. When people say “its a nice piece of glass” what is it they are referring to? The actual glass? the fact that the lens is fast? mmm….
    .-= Rachael´s last blog ..My FIRST Give-a-way/ Contest !!! =-.

  2. Elizabeth says

    From what I understand, “glass” is a term used by photographers that means “lens”. If I’m wrong anybody let me know.
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..New Bedding =-.

  3. Tiffani says

    thanks for sharing so much information with the rest of us. I am still working on just trying to master the 50mm 1.8 lol.

  4. Jenny Lynn says

    I’m always so amazed by your pictures. The lighting is always fabulous. I’m just getting started and I have trouble with finding good lighting. Do you have any books that you’ve read that you would recommend? Or any advice about finding good light? I’ve heard north-facing windows/doors are sometimes the best. But what if those aren’t always available or aren’t in the room you are in? No problem if you don’t have time to answer, just thought I’d run it by you :)
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  5. sarah says

    I started with the 50 1.8 and loved it; only downsides were the focus time and noise while doing so. So I mostly used it for detail shots, where I didn’t need to worry about capturing that genuine smile between a couple. And just a few months ago, we finally saved enough to get the 1.2 — love it even more! The focus time and noise issues were solved, but I will say it’s taken a bit of time to get used to. Shooting at 1.2 is still super-hard for me to get my subject in focus, unless I’m a fair distance from my subject. But I love it! I think like any lens, it takes time to master. Keep up the great posts, Drew :)

  6. Rachael says

    …but what exactly makes a lens nice? the quality of glass? the quality of mental? does anyone know?

  7. Amie says

    I’ve never commented before but the last line about not trying until you are ready to buy is SOOOO TRUE! I rented the 85mm 1.4 from Nikon and I am in love and have extended the rental out to the max allowed because I am saving for it. I LOVE it!

  8. ac says

    yah i think i will have to definately follow your advice about not checking out the lens untill i have 1600 laying around…even now, with all the money i have spent on trying to learn the biz and use my camera, there is so much more i almost FEEL i NEED to buy…when i probably should just amp up my position instead- cause we all KNOW that would be cheaper!

    ♥ ac
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  9. admin says

    Rachael, it’s exactly what I stated – it focuses faster, quieter and more accurately. Also if you click on the “L series lens” link that will give you more info. If you want to know the exact physics of it you’ll have to talk to someone over at canon.

  10. Do you think on some of your photos you can state what lens you are using?

  11. admin says

    Unless stated otherwise, all images on Mom*tog are taken with the 50 1.2

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