Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas…

If I were possibly thinking about traveling to one location outside of California to do some shooting this summer where should that be and why?  I’m thinking about taking a long weekend and going somewhere new to shoot.  I’m looking for a place that’s totally different than Orange County.  I want barns, old buildings without fences, and no beaches!  Please leave a comment with a location suggestion if you’d really be interested in booking a session.  I get emails asking me to travel all of the time, but I want to see if the interest is really out there.  The shoot can be whatever you want it to be.  Family, engagement, head shots, just because, whatever you want!

When Brayden was 10 months old we went to our good friends wedding in Ohio.  I was so looking forward to taking pictures of B there.  Barns!  Cornfields!  Long, empty roads!  And then I got sick.  I was so bummed.  But, I still ended up going out and making my poor baby freeze while I tried to get a few shots.  Can you believe this is the same kid?


  1. indywriter says

    I know it’s close to Ohio (geographically and in looks), but I vote for Indiana. I live in central Indiana. Every summer I take my kids to Richmond, IN for pictures. My mother-in-law scouts locations, I make new outfits for my girls, and we go a few places and take pictures all day. They have a good mix of farmland and hills
    .-= indywriter´s last blog ..The Education of Miss B =-.

  2. What??? You want to get away from the beach? What about all of the white shirts and jeans shoots you would be missing out on? If you don’t go to Alaska, maybe Kansas is in order. When I was out there for Cora’s playground I fell in love. The fields of sunflowers, huge rolled hay bales, old barns, sunset over wheat fields, silos, clawfoot tubs galore. Megan… my fave blogger. Barn sales (like the raddest flea market in a field you have ever seen) Most of all none of the OC lameness that we see every day. I could totally live in the midwest. Jason would last five minutes. But I would love it.
    .-= Julie Carson´s last blog started with a jacket. =-.

  3. Katy says

    We have plenty of babies in boots by barns here in Nashville! I have been craving beaches and some west coast landscape- Can’t wait to see the images from your travels- They will be great no matter where you land!

  4. As if you need one more suggestion, I know, BUT – I thought I would leave one anyway.
    Central Illinois – more specifically Bloomington/Normal Illinois. We are a Large Town surrounded by Corn fields, Old, AMAZING barns, Lots of farmers and lots more Barns!
    I am a photographer and a lot of my clients request OLD, Worn Down barns -SO, it is the perfect place to shoot that.
    I would Love for you to come check it out!

  5. Beth says

    Kansas City has some nice rural areas…
    …and I have a handsome little boy who would be a bunch of fun by summer time 🙂

    Your photos are so wonderful.

  6. Janelle says

    Charlotte, NC has a beautiful downtown area with quite a few fountains, small parks, and unusual public art. Plus it’s not too crowded on the weekends unless there’s an event going on. And there are a lot of outlying rural areas that are easy to get to and not far at all. I don’t have any young kids, but I may be able to drag my husband and adult children out for pictures if I billed it as getting the Christmas photos done early! Plus I work in a preschool and may be able to talk you up to those young families with gorgeous children…

  7. YOu should come to Dallas Fort Worth Texas… You could shoot downtown by some old rustic building, train tracks, or go to the country! You have everything here not to mention MY FAMILY! Who would DIE… er I mean GO TO HEAVEN if we could get you to shoot us!!

    Here’s to crossing my fingers you choose this area!!

  8. oh not to mention I know soo many families here that would also BEG on thier hands and knees to have you photograph!

  9. Robin says

    Colorado! Colorado! Colorado! An easy trip from CA! The Colorado Springs area has it all–snow-capped mountains, aspens, old barns, wildflower fields, crazy red rock formations, crystal clear blue skies. We moved here 8 years and 5 children ago and haven’t had a family picture taken since we left our wonderful photographer in N. Calif. Would love to have you come and shoot our family–10 kids from 4 different countries!

  10. Becca says

    Atlanta. Come to Atlanta 🙂
    .-= Becca´s last blog ..Linky Love =-.

  11. Greenville, SC is right between Charlotte & Atlanta…lots of good old buildings, countryside (we live on 9 acres)…lots of fun possibilities!

    your shots of Julie’s fam were GORGEOUS! great job!

  12. Amber says

    OKLAHOMA! We have barns, nature, fields, flowers, trees, the LAKE, and all things beautiful. PLUS, we are not redneck…so that’s a huge bonus! 🙂

  13. Arizona! Come to Arizona. Please. Oh please. PUH-lease!! Okay, maybe in the Spring BEFORE the heat gets unbearable, or the fall before the cotton gets harvested but COME!

  14. Lisa V. says

    Anchorage, Alaska is beautiful all summer long and there are lots of fun/funky/pretty places to take pictures. We’d hire you in a minute because we’re way overdue for a good family photo shoot, plus I have lots of friends with gorgeous kids who I’m sure would book you too. Keep up the great work.

  15. jamie says

    DUH!!! ARKANSAS 🙂 You know we have barns and feilds, dirt roads and old buildings, rivers and hills and creeks and hay and lots lots more 🙂 we do have lakes but no beaches. OH and we have snow! a foot last week.
    Kansas City is a super fun city too and has some great rural areas, 2 in 1.

  16. pam says

    how about good ol’ new england!!!! i’m near portsmout on the south berwick, me line…gorgeous old mills, barns, fields, apple orchards…you name it! would love to book a session with you if you were here!!!! xo
    .-= pam´s last blog 32 =-.

  17. Alexis says

    How about Canada??? Alberta is nice in the summer. LOTS of old barns, wheat fields, you name it….come on, please????

  18. Erica Alem says

    Does it have to be in the U.S.? Because you might go for something entirely different and come to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil! It’s smack in the middle of the country, so no beaches, I promise. Very interesting architecture, unique city (completely planned).
    AND I have two kids who deserve a better photographer than their mom… plus I would learn so much from you… am I getting closer to convincing you? 🙂
    I mostly lurk, but just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. Your tips are always easy to understand and helpful to me, and you make me feel like I can do this! So thanks!

  19. Ann says

    Another vote for the BIG D (Dallas, Texas)! Especially in the spring when all the Bluebonnets pop up everywhere.

  20. Jen Harpole says

    Barns? Check.
    Old Buildings without fences? Check.
    No Beaches? Check.
    Cornfields and Long, empty, roads? Check and Check.
    Non-Stop flights from S. Cal? Check.
    A mommy that would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do a fabulous photo shoot with her 3 cutie pies (big brother + baby sister + daddy) and DrewB? Check.
    A mommy with dozens of fun mommy friends and neighbors that would also love to book a photo session with their own cutie pies and DrewB? Check.
    And to seal the deal……a Red Claw Foot Bathtub for sale on Craigslist (that above mommy would work tirelessly on convincing above daddy that it needs to be purchased for above photo shoot)? Check. Check. Check.
    Where could this be, you ask? How about the world-famous, Music City, USA? aka: Nashville, TN!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, come visit us!! We’ll ensure that you have a productive, fulfilling visit filled with amazing photography locations, subjects, and fabulous sightseeing!!
    P.S. Just in case you aren’t convinced, I am emailing you some proof of above cuite pie kids and awesome actual photo locations…..

    P.S. I am not kidding about the tub!

  21. Karlee says

    I was going to suggest my boring town, but the suggestions from comment #20, Jen, looks unbeatable! A red claw foot bathtub?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! AWESOME!