Ever since Brayden has started talking he’s had a secret language that only I and a few other privileged people could understand.  I call it Branglish.  I love Branglish, but sadly, I think English is finally starting to take over.

Brayden said “Ha” instead of yes for a long time.  Over a year.  Finally he started to say yes more frequently until “Ha” disappeared.  But, he now says, “Yes, please”, which I just love!

He also said “Come” instead of “Thank you”.  I think he heard “You’re welcome” and said that instead.  Even when we said, “Say thank you” he would still say, “Come!”.  Last week he finally started saying thank you.  So sad :(

My other favorite Branglish word was “Gaca”, which was short for his favorite movie of all time Madagascar.  Just this past weekend he finally started to say Madagascar.  His speech therapist Nana was working on that one :)

So sad to see Branglish go, but I love my polite little man who speaks English.  I love all the pleases and thank yous.  My favorite is when he does something wrong and before I even say anything to him he says, “Sorry, Mama” with a pouty lip.  How could I be mad at that?


  1. elizabeth says

    my daughter has her own kind of language too. i love hearing her talk and she is a bit of a chatterbox. i think it’s so sweet to already hearing the manners. it melts my heart.

  2. Jen Imus says

    Whenever I read these posts it just makes me realize how fast time is going!!! Sometimes it’s hard to see it in your own children, but easier to notice it others. Every age, every stage is so precious. I remember days when I would want to scream in frustration, but those days were definitely overshadowed by the other days of feeling so happy, fulfilled and overjoyed at the little things that make up being a mom. Thanks for these updates, Drew. They remind me to hug my girls and keep them close… and to remember those “little things” they do that are so fleeting.
    .-= Jen Imus´s last blog ..claire & amy senior portraits =-.

  3. Emmy says

    So awesome that he is making so much progress! But you are right there is just something so cute about those little mistakes they make at that age
    .-= Emmy´s last blog ..Bunk Beds =-.

  4. Lynette says

    I so understand! I miss those baby words in my now 3 year old, those things that only I or our family understood, it’s a sad realization that they are getting older!

  5. Laura Susoeff says

    I’ve looked at this picture over and over again in full disbelief that, this little guy is really Brayden! Can’t wait to see the family again!

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