Run, Drew! Run! – An Update

I’ve been running for close to a month now and absolutely love it!  I got my own BOB, which has made running with Brayden a million times easier.  I also got the Nike +, which I can’t live without!  I’m a very competitive person.  When I get tired and want to stop I don’t because I know my results are going to be tweeted for the whole world to see!  I love how I can also set goals for myself and see my progress.  LOVE it!

I have made so much progress thanks to the Couch to 5K app on my iphone.  When I started I couldn’t run a minute.  I’m not even exaggerating.  Now I can run 6 minutes without stopping!  That’s a huge accomplishment for me!  I’m almost done with week 3 of the program.  I’m really scared for week 4!

I was getting a bit frustrated because while my clothes were fitting better and I was feeling good, I wasn’t seeing any progress on the scale.  Yesterday morning I got on the scale and all of a sudden I had lost 5 pounds!  5 pounds!  That’s crazy!  I know my weight will fluctuate a bit, but it’s so great to see progress after all the hard work I’ve been doing.

Last year I wore a one piece all summer.  It was a cute one piece, but I felt like a granny.

This year I would love to get back into a bikini.  I have a little over 3 months until our trip to Maui and I really think I can do it!

I started a friendly Nike+ challenge for all of us Mom*togs!  If you’re interested in joining go here.  It’s starts on April 1st!


  1. Rachel says

    SO awesome! I’m super stoked about the challenge.. I love my Nike +!!!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Deep Thoughts… =-.

  2. Meredith says

    AHHHH! How fun! I would love to join, but I need to replace my sensor and the only way to do that is order it online. I’m not sure if it will get here in time for the 1st, but I’ll try! Great job by the way!!

  3. Nobody says

    what’s a BOB? the only thing i’ve ever heard it stand for is a “Battery Operated Boyfriend”, and somehow i don’t think something like that would help you run…. is it some kind of stroller?

    glad to hear you’re doing so good running, and congrats on the weight loss!
    .-= Nobody´s last blog ..Forget-Me-Not Friday 3/26/10 =-.

  4. Ada says

    oh no. You’ve hit a dreaded “can’t” word for me….and started me thinking. I can’t run. Seriously, I never have been able to, and most people assume I can/do/should because I’ve got long legs etc. But even in Jr High I could hardly keep up- my breathing becomes psycho life threatening irratic (no not really life threatening I just can’t breath “right”- ya know?) and my sides ache and I never have been able to get to the point I wasn’t dreadful awful painful ugly did I mention ugly running. Now I’m questioning. I’ve proudly used the excuse ” I don’t run unless being chased”, “body not made for it, even in basketball for school years, you should have seen me”……..
    I wonder, your not the first one to mention the nike+ & the fact that I’d need to start somewhere, slowly slowly build it up. I have SO far to go, but you kinda mentioned the same thing! I’ve just begun to reclaim my body back after a decade (yup) of pregnancy & I’d love to make it mine again! 5 kids in 10 years- and never using “can’t” again…..I’ve got a lot to think about, I can’t stand failure but am honestly kinda scared to try this running thing….
    thank for the encouragement. kinda ;)
    .-= Ada´s last blog ..Proud Momma =-.

  5. Ashley says

    I am so proud of you Drew that you know what you need to motivate you and you are going after it setting goals for yourself! Just a reminder muscle weighs more than fat…so go by how you are feeling and looking in the mirror rather than what you weight on the scale. I will be thinking of you hoping you can go out an buy a fun bikini (however, what a super HOT one piece ;D)! Run girl and know it is for your health too, so you can be the super fun old granny to Braydon’s kids one day :D!

  6. That is awesome drew! I’m sure you’ll make it it into a bikini for Maui! I’ve heard great things about the couch to 5k app and I think I’m going to try it… totally scared though.

  7. Karlee says

    Great job Drew! You are inspiring me to start running again… EEEEEK! Scary but exciting!!!

  8. Cat Watson says

    Good call on getting the Nike+ipod, it is awesome as I already said before! Mine broke, I need to get a new one, thanks for doing the challenge, that is even more motivation to go get another one. Sometimes when I really don’t feel like running, I definitely think of putting a bikini on and that helps me to get my butt out there:) You can do it, you’ll be amazed at what three months of consistent running will do to your body!

  9. I’m doing the Couch to 5K too, after reading about you mentioning it. I do NOT like running. At all. But I’m at the end of week 2 and have been excited that while it is a bit of a challenge I can totally complete the work outs. So thanks. :) Keep it up! I can’t wait to hear how week 4 goes!
    .-= Tegan and Tage´s last blog ..This sewing business… =-.

  10. Jenna says

    I enjoy your blog so much! I have a six-week old baby and just purchased a BOB. We did lots of research and were so nervous about buying such an expensive piece of baby gear. But we love it so far! I’m hoping to get back into running now that I have this fancy jogger! Thanks for posting.

  11. Michelle says

    Just signed up!! So excited, yet nervous, but I love a challenge! I hope this is what I needed to get my butt moving and ready for Summer!!

  12. mau says

    ahhh.. the BOB. I used my single BOB all the time, and then had to upgrade to the double BOB. It works like a charm and is still awesome for running. A big investment but WELL worth it!
    Kudos on the running; I never have considered myself to be an athlete but LOVE my running time.

  13. EMA says

    REI has BOB strollers on sale – 20% off if you join as a member – thought I’d share.

  14. Kathleen says

    OMG – Drew, that is a hot one piece. Granted I’ve been in maternity swimsuits for the last several years, but holy smokes I can guarantee you did not look like a Granny in that. I do hope you get to where you are comfortable in a bikini, but either way – you are a beautiful, strong, talented woman and mother. Just keep that in mind. :)

  15. Lauren R. says

    you go girl! but, i have a feeling you could be sporting a baby bump again soon, then it’s back to the one piece maternity suits! :)
    .-= Lauren R.´s last blog ..Serving our Country =-.

  16. you can do it girl. that is a cute 1 piece though. even if you are not 100% where you want to be you will feel so great about yourself you won’t even care.

  17. AAHH!! I did the couch to 5k last summer! I was so bummed when winter hit though…I totally lost all that progress :(. Like you, I seriously couldnt even run a minute! By the end I was running 10 minutes+, no problem. I”ve been so scared to start up again, because I know how hard it was to get as far as I did. But you may have just given me the encouragement I needed :). Thanks hun!

  18. Jennifer says

    That’s awesome! I hav a BOB which I love and Nike + and I started C25k!! But I slacked and haven’t been doing it!! U motivated me to start it up again!!! Maybe I will hav to do the momtog challenge! Keep up the good work!!! Love the pic above with the pin wheels…. AMAZING!!!

  19. Hey Drew. I’m a momtog blog lover for many months. Your photography is so inspiring and someday, I’d love to do a day with Drew. I just got home from Ethiopia with my new baby girl (adoption)…I originally found your blog through the Howertons when you did thier amazing shoot. Anyhow…today, you’re inspiring me to get back on the couch to 5K wagon. I did the program a few years ago and loved it…so, thanks so much for sharing your journey. You’re inspiring me to do more than photograph!

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