Want To Make a Blogger Blog Less?

Two posts on Wednesday!  How lucky are all of you?

I wish there was a way I could block readers and only let NICE people read my blog.  Unfortunately there isn’t.  And when I get awesome comments like this from Susan it makes me want to quit.  Take down my blog and everything that I’ve shared and just quit.

Submitted on 2010/03/31 at 2:55pm

The lack of postings does suck. I tend to stop visiting blogs that don’t update often in favor of others that are more consistant and put together.

Good luck with your projects.

Dear Susan,

I am so sorry that I have let you down.  I’ll try to do better in the future to be more consistent.  In between running a full time business, being a full time mom, doing mountains of  laundry, hosting play dates, and being a wife I will make sure to post each and every day just for YOU!  I would just hate for you to stop reading my blog…



I know I should have a thicker skin, but I can’t help it.  My name is Drew and I’m sensitive and whenever I get a comment like this it stings.  If you want to get a blogger to blog less, leave more comments like this.  It’s not very motivating to know that there are people like this out there reading my blog.

ETA – Thank you for all of your comments and support!  Seriously, you guys amaze me!  I think with over 90 comments the point has been made so I am closing comments for this entry.


  1. Melissa says

    Maybe Susan should just stop reading your blog… You don’t need people who aren’t thankful for your help and talent. You don’t need her b/c look at all the love you are getting! Keep up the great work and enjoy everything you have: wonderful husband, beautiful son, successful busines, and loyal “real” fans!

  2. You can let her know that you will post for her each time you receive her check in the mail! The rest of us are glad you are doing what you do :)
    .-= kristi knitter´s last blog ..Gerhart for Register of Deeds! =-.

  3. rachel h says

    So sorry she said that to you. But I’m even more sorry I haven’t commented before. Thanks to you and your awesome blog, I finally got the courage to turn the little shooting mode dial off of “auto.” You’re incredibly talented and also very generous in sharing tips to help us moms out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    ps- I’m sensitive too. Why is it sooo dang hard to overlook all the positive comments and focus on that tiny minority that’s just bound and determined to be cranky? If you figure it out, please let me know!
    .-= rachel h´s last blog ..church clothes =-.

  4. Alicia B says

    WOW. What a blogging snob that Susan is. Does she need anything else from you since you were obviously meant to wait on her every need — glass of water, foot massage, anything?!

    I think your blog is fantastic. I love how much I can relate — You make me feel like I’m not the only mom who tries to balance it all and, on some days, just feels like I’m not doing a good job.

    Keep up the blogging on *YOUR* terms and schedule. And Susan, get a life — because if yours centers around just blog reading….that’s a super sad existence!

  5. sarah k says

    sheesh. why doesn’t that woman get a feedreader set up and then she’ll know when there are new posts? I don’t read a lot of blogs because, like you, I’m a busy mommy, but yours is one of the few I ALWAYS read because your posts are always fun, inspiring, beautiful, or all of the above. Keep blogging, Please! :)

  6. abriana says

    I’m so sensitive as well. Maybe she didn’t know how it would sound to the receiver??? Yikes. Love Momtog– thanks for sharing all your tips!

  7. Cat Watson says

    Please don’t stop blogging! That would make me very sad. Keep rockin’ it:)

  8. Seriously?? WOW says

    What a %*&(#@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll keep this PG but that is so rude. I’m so sorry Drew. You rock and don’t you ever forget it!!!!!

  9. mia says

    WOW…REALLY??! I keep reading because you DO post so often! You are incredibly busy and to keep up with this blog the way you do means so much to your readers! You are AWESOME and we <3 you!!

  10. Tonya says

    Oh Drew….poo on that reader! There are WAY more people who love what you are doing here. I personally have grown as a photographer because of it so PLEASE keep posting! I love ya and appreciate all your hard work. Chin up my friend!

  11. Kristin says

    Just letting you know I’m a momtog reader and I enjoy all of your posts! :)
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..dear kieran, =-.

  12. Jennifer says

    I love your blog!! You have helped me so much in learning more about photography. You inspire me!! I know it’s hard to not get your feelings hurt when people say hurtful things (I’m sensitive too), but just delete comments like that and remember you have tons of other people reading who LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

  13. jessica says

    Geez, people like that drive me crazy…they are never going to be happy. and in my opinion, blogs are for fun, both for the writer and reader…if you blog once a year, then that is what you do, it is your business…because without living your life, you’ve got nothing to write about.
    oh, wait, except you could write letters of complaint to other bloggers who don’t update their blogs on your desired schedule. don’t let asshats get you down.
    i LOVE your blog and have shared the link a zillion times.
    .-= jessica´s last blog ..Class List is Almost Ready! =-.

  14. Freda says

    Ok, a.) Your blog is very put together. (and fabulous may I add) b.) She obviously doesn’t have one since she had an unclickable name in her original comment so she wouldn’t know what hard work it is to keep a regular blog posting schedule as a mom.

  15. Elizabeth says

    Seriously??? Forget Susan!!! Shake it off, don’t let someone like that get to you. It’s so unclear to me why someone would actually take the time out of their day to write something so rude!! I love reading your blog. Keep up the great work, Susan the party pooper can go read someone else’s blog who suits her not so nice attitude. =)

  16. Cynthia says

    Oh WOW!!!
    How RUDE is she? VERY!!!

    You are a wife, a mommy and business woman- FULL TIME!!
    you are on 24-7!

    Life happens and that is that!
    I think you do an awesome job of sharing all that you do with us, your readers!
    Thank you once again for all you do here on Momtog!!

    .-= Cynthia´s last blog ..Family of Five in Orange =-.

  17. Ada says

    hey susan, shut your trap. we love drew & all she shares with us, ever busy camera lovin’ many hat-wearing mommas & TOTALLY understand she posts when inspired to.
    hey drew, it’d hurt my feelings too, clearly she inspires the “ultimate undo button” on pushing send!
    .-= Ada´s last blog ..Curious or creepy? =-.

  18. Kylie says

    GOD Susan shut your trap and get a life!
    Some people are busy and if you didnt notice this blog is called Momtog so clearly she is a mom. If you dont have anything better to do with your time than leave mean comments dont read the blog nobody wants to hear from you.

    You are awesome momtog keep up the great work!

  19. Rachel says

    Wowza. I will NEVER understand why people can’t just NOT say mean things on blogs… Drew- you rock and I would be SUPER sad if you stopped… don’t let that meanie get to you!
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Cleansing… =-.

  20. Amy S says

    Not sure what Susan’s issue is, but she certainly has one. Your blog is awesome (and very consistent and put together, btw). I am so thankful that you are willing to share your knowledge with us! Keep it up and just ignore the Susans of the world – for every one of them there are probably 100 nice people who really do appreciate all of your efforts :)

  21. I can’t believe people who have a bad attitude, bad day and are miserable even allow themselves to post nasty things. She “SUCKS” for even writing the word sucks. We all love you Drew, as a mother of three and feels guilty for my sabatical to the blogging thing, i am a people pleaser and there are so many things i wish i was documenting and sharing, but there is only so much we can do. You are awesome-inspiring, a dreamer and you have so many wonderful projects your workin’ on, don’t let suzie Q put a damper on it. We know you’ll continue to share and not undo anything, because we really appreciate it, all your admirerers ( it’s thurs. morn ) <– i'm leaving that for smirks sake. are so thankful for your realness, or genuineness, the way you make us laugh and that so many of us ( including me ) are right there with you, or right behind ya! Keep on doing your amazing work, as a wife, teacher, mom, photographer, we love and value you so very much! Sending a warmfelt hug your way.

  22. well…i don’t have anything new to add to all of the 67 comments you’ve already received. but i will reiterate the fact that it’s extremely GENEROUS for you to do this Momtog blog on top of your ‘DrewB Photography Blog’. Not to mention all of the other life roles you are playing. It’s obvious that people like Susan are unhappy and want to spread it to all. Keep your head up–and take all of these comments in your favor as a sign that your labor is NOT in vain.
    p.s. Susan–get an rss feed :)
    .-= Candice {The Beautiful Mess}´s last blog ..{Featured!} Life Stage Films Newsletter =-.

  23. Jolene says

    WOW! Some people! I am so glad I found your blog! I have a full time job, a son who just turned 2, a husband who acts like my 2 year old, and trying two get my photography business to take off so I applaud you for all you do!! I am glad I found your blog! I love all the tips and can’t wait to save enough money to get your guides! Keep up the good work! Tell her to eat it!

  24. Kimber says

    Well I will have you know that even though you do not blog every day I still keep checking because I can’t wait to see what you have to say! So no matter when you blog I will continue to read! =) Hope you have an awesome day!

  25. Stephanie says

    Honestly that is comical to me that someone thinks that they need to put something like that on your blog. First of all, who cares about her right? Look how many other adoring fans you have! And second of all this is your business, your life, you run it the way you want not the way others expect you to. Keep being you, that’s who we all love!

  26. April says

    Maybe Susan needs a google reader set up so that when bloggers post it shows up there….then she won’t have to be grumpy if or when you post or anyone for that matter.

    I pray that you have a peaceful day in spite of the “susan’s” out there.

    Your blog is great whenever you post…no pressure!!!!!
    .-= April´s last blog ..The Life of a Little Boy! =-.

  27. Susan P says

    oh no! being an uber sensitive person myself, it stinks to see someone else with the same name as me giving it a bad rap…so sorry about that! well, from another susan, i LOVE reading all your posts on your DrewB blog and momtog (and i am not even a mom yet…unless you count my husband and puppy). ha :) anyways, you are doing a great job and i just wanted to thank you for providing this forum as an encouragement and inspiration for others…God bless!

  28. Jen Hill says

    I am sensitive too. And I know that comment would have made me upset if I had gotten it. The thing is-that I enjoy reading your blog-and looking at your photos. SO of course I want more posts-But that doesn’t mean I’d stop reading your blog. I actually think you update often. Thanks for being awesome.
    .-= Jen Hill´s last blog ..Giveaways! =-.

  29. Michelle says

    WoW! It takes all kinds of people. I would definitely be hurt by that comment. I have a blog too but definitely don’t post enough. (I know this, I wouldn’t have to be insensitively reminded.)Just like you I work full time, running a part-time photography business, a full time mom, doing mountains of laundry, and being a wife.

    We just have to do the best we can do. I say good-riddance to her! Don’t stop blogging, we appreciate your written words.

  30. While it may be disapointing when a new post isn’t up on a good blog… I can relate to the status of my own blog… When was my last post? Three days ago? 2 wks? Yeah… we out here in blogland understand that it’s not always the priority to blog, and it’s not always feasible to fit in a post. Even though it may be on our own want lists to keep readers happy, it is not necessarily on our family’s priority list. Sick kids, sick husband, school outings, sports, music, clubs, nice days to play outside, cooking, cleaning, that mountain of laundry that’s just waiting to grow legs and walk out of the house, and all those photos to edit. LOL!
    .-= Julia Spencer´s last blog .. =-.

  31. Ashley says

    She is a stinker face – Not worth your time anyways…Let her go read blogs that post everyday, I am sure they are not as good as yours! YOU ARE AWESOME DREW! Keep posting on your own pass…You do an amazing job and have so many other things in life that are more important! Like your boys :D. It always amazes me how much you post and work – I was excited to see you are taking time for yourself and starting to run…You deserve it! Thank you for all you do for us!

  32. Lynn says

    I’m adding to the nice comment total in the hope that it will help make a soothing good comment cordial to wash away the taste of the bitchy comments and help provide isulation against any further ones. As far as I’m concerned this is your blog and you blog as and when you want to – I just feel priviledged that you’re sharing so much.

    I’m also kinda glad that you don’t blog too often as you keep providing links to other awesome blogs and there just aren’t enough spare hours in the day to keep up with them all! That is not a complaint btw. It’s just a comment that I have a life… as do you… it’s a shame that Susan doesn’t and that she’s upset you.

    Best wishes to you and your gorgeous family x

  33. Iris says

    You are awesome! You have so much on your plate that I am grateful you even have time to blog and help all of us. You keep your chin up! You are too amazing to have to put up with this nonsense!

  34. Susan says

    Hey, it’s gang up on Susan day just because I said the lack of blogging sucks? WOW. You should have a thicker skin Drew and reframe my comment and instead of taking it as a negative and jumping all over me, trying to make me look like an idiot, take it the way it was intended, that your blog is missed when you don’t post.

    Perhaps my comment hit a nerve that you knew was there all along, you wouldn’t be so defensive if you didn’t think the lack of blogging was an issue. I guess I hit too close to the bone on that.

    And… Dear Drew- lots of us do all those things you do and more. We cope. You make part of your living doing this blog, so perhaps you shouldn’t be so eager to bite the hand that feeds you. Maybe others won’t be so bold as to say it, and I mean no disrespect because obviously I enjoy your blog, but it’s just a fact, less entries leads to lost readers. Now your threat to blog less will strike panic in most people, as evidenced by the 80 some posts of people making nice and complimenting you to feed your ego and hope that you don’t stop blogging.

    Anyway Drew, seriously, isn’t this a whole lot of fuss over an innocent comment that’s blown way out of proportion?

  35. Heather says

    INNOCENT COMMENT?!?!?! PLEASE!!! Look at all of the 80+ comments that read your comment and thought it was rude too. Stop trying to sugar coat what you wrote and make it seem like you were making an innocent comment. Drew by no means blew it out of proportion. Maybe you should think about what you write before clicking the send button. Or how about, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!!!” You should be ashamed of yourself! I think you’re lacking some serious class and there are some issues that you need to deal with. Seriously, she does this blog for free!

  36. My guess “Susan” doesn’t have children & isn’t half as busy or talented as you! YOU GO SUPER MOM! =) This blog has taught me SO MUCH & I tell everybody about it! I think it’s GREAT that you are so caring & sharing to give us all this HELPFUL awesome information for FREE! =) There’s always going to be people that are jealous & try to knock you down! Put the chin up & look past them! YOUR AWESOME! =) Keep up the good work!

  37. Brooke says

    We love you Drew! You are awesome and your blog is awesome! And because it’s your blog, you can blog whenever YOU like. (boo to the mean comments!) We appreciate your tips & tricks, fabulous photos, and cutie-pa-tutie shots of your son that make us smile. :)

  38. Summer C. says

    Really? I LOVE your blog! It sounds like Susan needs to find a life and not sit on the computer so much! :) I’m saving to do a mentoring session with you Drew and I can’t wait!!!!!

  39. Um… okay! I was a little surprised to see this post! I have a newborn so I am trying to catch up on all my blogs and I would just like to say a quick “thanks” for all you do for us Drew. Don’t let the negative get ya down, your awesome! You share so much and I, for one, (out of MANY I am sure) am thankful for that! Keep up the good work! Love ya!
    .-= Bobbie Brown´s last blog ..M.I.A. =-.

  40. Drew you are the bomb, wow now that was lame but you are pretty great! DO not let anyone get you down. I feel stressed out but I don’t do half of the things that you do! GO DREW!! Happy day to you!
    .-= Megan Tyler´s last blog ..I want to be a Birdwoman! =-.

  41. Jobrina says

    Drew, I have never commented on your blog and after this post I feel it NECESSARY to do so! I absolutely LOVE coming to your site, you are an amazing inspiration to me and I imagine to hundreds of others and a very, very busy wife, mom and business owner, don’t stop what your doing and NEVER let individuals like “Susan” get under your skin. I am very sensitive as well so I can completely understand why “she” got to you, but just know that you are doing an unbelievable job all across the board!!!!!! Keep it up and only blog when “you” have the time! I will always be checking in myself! Much Love!!!!!! :-) Btw…..coming to AZ anytime soon? Would love to get a session done by you. ;-)

  42. You are great! You do what you can, when you can, that’s how moms operate. If you are disappointed in the lack of posts on a blog, you’re spending too much time in front of the computer. Blogs and blogging enhances your life, it’s not a replacement for a life. Drew, you have a life, and your readers are pleased to be included for the ride as you see fit. Thank you for taking us along.
    .-= blissmamaof3´s last blog ..Indian summer, sort of =-.

  43. sarah k says

    “making nice”? “feeding your ego”? oh, my. Personally, I just felt BAD that you were being subjected to this mean-spiritedness, Drew. I’m willing to bet that’s what most everyone else here is motivated by, too. I’m sure you know that. I guess we can’t make everyone in the world happy. But I have to say, I don’t know you personally at all but your blog is always a bright spot in my day–however often you choose to post! :)

  44. Trista says

    Is this for real??? Susan must have a lot of time on her hands if her life revolves around when people update their blogs. I personally think you blog so much on Momtog that I can’t keep up with all your posts! You know I think you’re the bomb so don’t let Susan get you down..
    .-= Trista´s last blog ..Jeniffer and Jeremy’s Wedding at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel =-.

  45. admin says

    Perhaps, Susan, if what you meant by your comment is that my blog is missed when I don’t post, that’s what you should have said rather than phrasing it the way you did. Because the way you phrased your comment was not so nice. I’m obviously not the only one who thinks that.

    The sole purpose of posting your comment was to show that bloggers are people. We have feelings. And if I’m sensitive so be it. It’s my blog. I pour my heart and soul into this blog and then to get reamed by you for not posting for a couple of days and telling me that my blog isn’t very “put together or consistent” while hiding behind your computer makes me angry. AND I do this blog for FREE (except for the occasional advertiser). I make very, very, very, very little money off of this blog and the money I do make on it goes right back into it. I do it because I love the relationships I’ve made with others here, I love helping others and I love that others have helped me when I’ve asked for it! I’m not going to put up with rude comments. And other bloggers shouldn’t have to either.

    That comment was the very FIRST comment you’ve ever posted here. If you “obviously enjoy” my blog then why would you leave a negative comment as your very first? I get angry when someone’s first comment here is a negative one. I don’t like people who take and take and don’t give anything back. If you don’t like this blog and if it’s not “put together” enough for you then start your own blog. I’m sure you can do it better, right?

    Thank you to my amazing readers who have left NICE comments on this post and all the other posts! I appreciate each and every one of you, not just today, but everyday!