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Question over on Formspring:

Hi Drew. Where do you do most of your shopping for Brayden’s clothes? I have a 10 month old little boy and I’m always looking for great places to find clothes. And B always looks super cute in your photos.

Thanks!  Boys clothes are so hard to find, aren’t they?  And then you buy them a cute outfit and they go and spill all over it or play in the dirt!  Boys!

Brayden pretty much wears two brands – Paul Frank and Quiksilver.  Most of his Paul Frank shirts and sweatshirts are from Target.  I love that they started carrying Paul Frank.  I’m not too impressed by the quality of the expensive Paul Frank clothes.  It seems like they are always getting holes.  So, I’m very happy to pay $6.99 for a t-shirt that he’ll wear for a couple of months.  Yeah, they fade pretty bad over time.  But, the boy grows like a weed so by the time they are unwearable he’s grown out of them anyway!

Most of B’s pants and shorts are from Quiksilver.  If you’re lucky you can sometimes score Quiksilver from Nordstrom Rack.  We have a Quiksilver store in Downtown Disney and if you’re an annual pass holder they sometimes have special sales of 10 or 20 percent off!  I love the quality of Quiksilver.  It holds up really well.  And I’m a huge dork, but I like to buy Brayden and Chuck matching clothes.  I know.  Dorky.  But, Quiksilver is the only brand I’ve found that has a few items in men’s sizes and infant / toddler sizes.  The look so cute all matchy, matchy!

Lately I’ve also been loving Penguin.  I’ve always liked Penguin for Chuck, but they recently started carrying baby and kids clothes (or maybe I just realized that they did!).  They only have a few stores nation wide (one at Fashion Island if you’re local), and they usually have great sales in store.  They have a website, but it doesn’t look like they carry their kids clothes online.  Boo!

If I find cute clothes on sale I buy it even if it’s too big.  I’m always buying Paul Frank shirts from Target because they get picked over so fast.  If I’m there and they have a new style I grab it!  Who am I kidding?  I’m at Target like 3 times a week so I always get the new styles 🙂

Not my fav pic ever, but my boys sporting their Penguin polos on Mother’s Day!


  1. Jamie says

    Yeah, you are a pretty big dork! hehe. Now add another little person to this family and you will have a big family of matching dorks… that’s what our family looks like. 🙂 you should see the superhero tees that all my boys have. LOL. And the other day, I was wearing a green tank while the little boys were wearing those matching Toy Story Alien tee from our favorite store. It was pretty funny because I didn’t even realize that I was wearing a green shirt till our neighbors said something about it.

    Now, your not calling me… are you out running so you can upload your run before I do. LOL

  2. Susan says

    You should check out stores like Ross, Marshalls, and T.J. Maxx. I know that they often carry Paul Frank and Quiksilver stuff.

  3. Ryann says

    LOVE your shirt in that pic… OK, now you have to share your shopping tips! 🙂 Thanks for the great post, as always. 🙂
    .-= Ryann´s last blog ..Meet Sweet Sophia! =-.

  4. Drew, I LOVE how you dress B! I only have a little girl, but I always love little boys to look like little BOYS. I have so many friends that love the cutesy look for little boys- like pastel colored smocked rompers. Which is just totally not me. I love how you dress B- so adorable!
    .-= Sarah Craig´s last blog ..Introducing Mary & JD =-.

  5. Robyn says

    Thanks for the info, Drew! Now that our little boy is getting older and out of the cutesy baby clothes (which I was never a big fan of anyway) I’m always on the lookout for cool stuff for boys. And you’re right – it’s HARD! I get what you’re saying about dressing B like Chuck – if I could shrink all my hubby’s shorts and t-shirts down to a teeny tiny size I’d be happy!

  6. I totally agree about little boys clothes being hard to find! Cute girl clothes are everywhere!
    We get most of my son’s clothes from TJ’s, Marshalls, Loehmanns, Target and Old Navy. I love the same brands and styles you do, but I hate spending the $ for a shirt he will wear for 6 months. Loehmanns carries Penguin for toddlers and I’ve seen their mens shirts at Marshalls.
    I love well dressed little boys! The compliment I’ve gotten in a long time was someone telling me they love how I dress my son! 🙂

  7. Summer C. says

    I love Paul Frank from Target too!! I always buy it right when I see the new styles because if I hesitate and go back the next day to get it, they’re usually gone. What’s really bad is I live right behind Target! I go almost every other day! Was your husband and son at Disneyland last night? I’m pretty sure I saw them.

  8. Kevyn says

    Hey Drew and Drew’s blog readers! I have a 3 year old and 1 year old son and I shop for them mostly at The Children’s Place. I’m not sure where all they are located, but I’m pretty sure there are tons of locations. My boys are always dressed like little teenagers…I LOVE IT. I especially love to buy a variety of baseball caps- it’s their one accessory (sp?). Hope this helps. I also do love Target…my boys have their fair share of paul frank shirts.


  9. admin says

    Haha! They totally were, Summer! That’s funny that you recognized them!

  10. Lindsay says

    FYI– it is the half yearly sale at Nordstrom and all of their toddler Paul Frank shirts are on clearance. Carter got two 🙂