Happy 27th Month Birthday, B!

***  This post comes exactly one week late!  Time flies! ***

Dear Brayden,

My inquistive little man.  We are officially in the “What’s that?” phase.  I knew it would come, but I could never imagine just how funny you are and how cute you are when you ask.  You hear a noise outside, “What dat?”.  We’re reading a book and you point, “What dat?”.  Even when you know what things are you will sometimes still ask.  One of the funniest times was last week when we were at the zoo with your best buds.  You were holding Kylan’s mommy’s hand and you heard a train.  You looked up at Kathy and said, “What dat, Kathy?  Choo choo Kathy!”.  It was really, very cute.

You still LOVE art and are so proud of all your creations.  You will start a project and tell me that this one is for Meemaw and that one is for Nana.  You love giving your artwork as much as you enjoy creating it, which I love to see.

You also still love singing and love learning new songs.  We learned a new song at your preschool class and you made up your own words.  You said, “Teddy bear, teddy bear touch your butt!”.  Aren’t you a little young for those types of jokes?  It still made me laugh so hard and now I encourage it.  Probably shouldn’t, but I do.  You have a nursery rhyme book and you make Daddy and I sing all the songs to you.  Your favorites are  ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald (which we sing as Old McBrayden), the theme song to the Wonder Pets, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  You’ve also made up your own words to the Thomas and Friends song.

You are my little bud.  We’ve had a few days this month where I’ve had to run a lot of errands, which means a lot of car time for you.  Whenever I look back at you I say, “I love you, Brayden”.  And you say, “I love YOU!”.  And then I say, “No, no, no I love YOU!”.  This can go on for awhile, but I love it.

I love seeing your personality develop more and more every month.  Right now I think you have the best of both my personality and Daddy’s personality.  Okay, maybe you got a little of my stubbornness.  Just a little.  But, I think you’re getting Daddy’s book smarts, which makes me very happy!  A few weeks ago we were “exploring” in the neighborhood and I asked you what do we do when we want to cross the street.  You said, “Look left.  Look right.  Look left again”.  And you even looked the correct directions!  You are a genius, I tell you!  I love how you surprise me with all the things we’ve been teaching you.  You area actually listening!  You can count to twenty on a good day and can even count backwards.  You can sing all of your letters, but you can’t always correctly point them out.  We’re working on that!

Brayden, you have such a kind heart.  I’m so proud of you whenever you learn something new, but I’m the proudest when you tell someone you love them out of the blue, when you give me a big mooch without me asking and when you say something kind to someone.  I hope your heart is always as big as it is now.  And I hope you remember that you are never too old to hug and kiss your Mommy!

Love you with all of my heart, Brayden Bug!



  1. Sarah W. says

    Great pictures!
    They’re so fun at this age.. a handful, but super funny and their becoming such their own person.
    .-= Sarah W.´s last blog ..Baby Carson is home. =-.

  2. awww he sucks his thumb, so does my little lady! =)

  3. Kimber says

    Every time I read your letters to Brayden, I get teary eyed! My daughter is 7 months so all the fun your getting is just starting for me. You definitly make me look forward to it! But I definitly do not want to rush it. It will come and go all to quickly, I know! But thanks for a glimpse into your life with your little man. He sounds like a real joy! =)

  4. Elizabeth says

    I just love this age. It amazes me how smart kids can be! Counting backwards?! We’re going to have to work on that one. I love the way you have his art displayed!

    P.S. I got my Mom*Tog unManual yesterday! I love it…..I’ll rave some more later on it! I think it’s a must have for those trying to figure out their camera!
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..i heart a zig zag pattern =-.

  5. Jess says

    He’s so smart! My 5 year old is just learning how to cross the street and is just now in the question phase 🙂
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..I hope you like purple… =-.

  6. Danielle says

    I look forward to reading these posts and seeing what Brayden is up to. He’s such a cutie and sounds like he’s super smart to boot!
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..Weekly Recipe: Creamy Taco Pasta =-.

  7. amanda says

    don’t you just want to bottle him up and keep this phase forever?!! happy birthday B!

  8. LAURA says

    I can’t believe how big he is! We must have a play date soon.

  9. Tonya Eaton says

    LOVE the last photo … he is adorable!

  10. Kristen says

    What a cutie! I love the images of him with his artwork in the back. Adorable! (And so big!)

  11. Nancy says

    What a beautiful letter – he will love reading these one day. How special is it that you capture things he’s learnt…I should do this for my little guy! I love your blog…:)
    On another note – I live in Canada (Toronto) and would love to order your UNmanual. I’ve tried and the only option for country is the U.S. Do you ship to Canada? I’d take the pdf only if that’s the case…look forward to your reply.
    Thanks Drew.

  12. I think its awesome that you still count his age in months. I lost track of that too long ago. (I’ve never been known to be a math-wiz either). 😉

  13. I LOVE the two pictures with all his art on the wall! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!