Mother’s Day Giveaways – Day Three

It’s here!  It’s here!  It’s here!

The UNmanual is DONE!

I started working on this guide last August and it’s turned out more amazing than I could have ever expected!  I’m so excited for you to get your hands on it because I know it’s going to help all of you take control of your camera and take full advantage of that fancy DSLR you’ve been shooting on Auto!

The UNmanual is a guide that explains why your camera does what it does in English.  When I got my first DSLR camera, I sat with my camera in one hand and my manual in the other.  I quickly realized that the manual was written in a foreign language that I could not understand.  I then enrolled in a community college photography course.  After most classes, I walked out more confused than when I had started.  One day I sat down with both my camera manual and my textbooks determined to understand how my camera really works.  And I realized everyone was complicating the subject much more than I needed it to be.  There’s no need for mathematical formulas or crazy charts.  Once you break down the information you need to know and forget the information you don’t need, shooting in manual really isn’t that complicated!

The UNmanual is for beginner photographers who want to take control of their cameras.  In the guide you will learn about your camera, what settings I shoot on and why, how to shoot on manual and properly expose an image.  You will also learn about lighting and how to get great lighting.  It is filled with pictures and examples!  The information in the UNmanual is exactly what is covered in my mentoring sessions and in the Mom*tog Pro sessions, which I no longer offer.  I am a Canon shooter, so the information in the guide is geared towards those with Canon cameras.  I did my best to include the comparable settings for Nikon shooters.

The guide will go on sale tomorrow!  It will be priced at $95, which will include an instantly downloadable copy AND a hard copy that will be mailed to you.  But, you can be the first to win one today!  Here’s how:

1)  You need to be a mom!  These giveaways are in honor of Mother’s Day so please only enter if you are a mom.  I’m not going to ask for proof.  I’m just going to trust that you are being honest :)

2)  Leave a comment saying why you need the UNmanual.

3)  Want extra chances to win?  Here’s how:

*  Follow @drew_b on Twitter and tweet: “The UNmanual from @drew_b is here!  Win one today!  Enter at”

*  Blog about the giveaway (with a link back to Mom*tog) and leave a separate comment here with your blog address.

*  ”Like” Mom*tog on Facebook and leave a comment here saying that you’ve done so.

Contest ends at 9PM Pacific time on 5/5!  All comments after 9PM will be deleted.

Thanks!  I hope everyone is having fun with this week full of giveaways!

PS  A HUGE thank you to Jamie, from So Divine Designs, for spending countless hours on making the design perfect!  She is amazing!


  1. Amanda says

    I’ve ‘liked’ mom*tog….just have 300 or so to compete against…no biggie!
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Blog Check.. =-.

  2. Lauren K says

    I’ve ‘liked’ mom*tog on facebook.

  3. Lauren K says

    I need the UNmanual to become a better photographer!

  4. Pamala says

    I need this because I for the life of me can’t figure out how to get good pictures done on my Nikon D90. I mean seriously, I put in the settings that are given by you sometimes and I still can’t do it.
    .-= Pamala´s last blog ..Almost There =-.

  5. Pamala says

    I also Tweeted about this (@PamalaLauren) and liked the Facebook page.
    .-= Pamala´s last blog ..Almost There =-.

  6. i want this…i can’t find my manual anyway!
    i like that it’s in english…mom english.

  7. Corinna says

    Yo necessito the Unmanual Guide! I take pics all the time…but I am not always sure why the images turn out the way they do. This guide will help this new mom “unlock” the mysteries behind my Nikon DSLR lens!

  8. Julie Dyer says

    Oh WOW! Your book sounds excellent! Or muy excellente, to riff on Corrina’s comment. I have been carrying our camera manual everwhere we go since we got our first decent camera a couple of months ago (a four-year-old Canon Rebel XTi), thinking I would dip into it when I had a spare moment and I’ve barely gotten past the first couple of pages. And not because we haven’t had any spare moments — ‘tho I do tend to use those to obsessively photograph our almost 1 and almost 3 year-old — but because I’m too lazy to read it and, let’s face it, it’s so darned unappealing! I know, I know, a smart cookie would give it a shot but please save me from that hell and pick me to win your UNmanual instead. Sounds much more enjoyable and useful to read and a heck of a lot cuter than the dang manual we’ve got.

    Okay. Now I’ll tweet about the contest (I’m “fromthelilypad”) and “like” you on Facebook.

    So glad my friend sent me a link to your site today! The first couple of pics I’ve seen are so gorgeous.

    Julie in Ottawa, ON

  9. Heather says

    I have an eye for good photography but can’t seem to create any of my own! I would love it!

  10. Trish says

    I am a mother 🙂 and I WANT, no NEED that! I have been shooting on manual, but it’s sometimes scary and it would be so nice to win that so I could learn a few things and have it all in one place! Pick me 🙂
    .-= Trish´s last blog ..26 Weeks =-.

  11. Cara says

    I am a mom who needs this desperately! I have been trying for about 5 years to sit down and read the manual- but with kids who has time!! This would make my life so much easier and my photos so much better!

  12. Mallory B says

    I MUST have this awesome manual. My Canon T1i has been stuck in auto mode and it cant seem to find it’s way out! Plus, I have my first wedding shoot in several months and need help quick!!

  13. Jenni says

    I love taking pictures of my little guy, and I think I take good pictures, but I want to take GREAT pictures. I think a little direction will help me get there!

  14. Nikki says

    I’m a mom who loves her Canon Rebel!!! I would love the Unmanual because it would be so nice for a little extra help in trying to figure out my camera and to learn how I can take better pictures of my munchkin!
    .-= Nikki´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesdays…..Sort of =-.

  15. Jenni says

    Also, I blogged about this giveaway here. (I hope that works…if not, it is!)

  16. Jenny says

    I need the unmanual because I just upgraded to a new camera and need all the help I can get!

  17. MayLynn says

    I NEED UNmanual HELP! I have a Canon 40D and am trying to teach myself Off of auto (with a 6 month old). I want to develop my skills/style! Also tweeted!

  18. Jenni says

    …finally…I LIKED Mom*Tog on Facebook. (c:

  19. emily says

    I need the UNmanual to take better pictures of my growing 8 month old twin boys 🙂
    I “liked” on facebook 🙂

    Thank you!

  20. Kelsey says

    I would love to give this to my mother for mother’s day! She has always had a camera in her hands for as long as I can remember. She is ready to switch over to manual but lacks the confidence so this manual would be perfect!

  21. Sarah says

    I am a mother and a beginner at digital photography. Like so many mothers before me, I am on a tight budget and have picked up, what could be, the most expensive hobby there is. Photography has become so much more to me than capturing my 15 month old son’s milestones. It’s become an inspiration to go out and find new and exciting things to do with my son and an amazing way to share so many wonderful moments in our lives. I can’t afford courses, workshops, or textbooks so everything I know has been learned through trial and error ( and a LOTE of help from photography friends). I would LOVE to finally understand my digital camera and to learn how to take amazing pictures like yours. Congratulations on the completion of your Unmanual! I love your photography and look forward to seeing more of your future work.

  22. Cindy Singer says

    I need this manual because I am a mom who really wants to take great pics of her kids and have been trying for years to learn how to use her camera!!

  23. Nora says

    I am mommy to 4 beautiful children (ages 11 months – 8 years). Last Mother’s Day my DH was sweet enough to buy me a Canon Rebel XTi to capture our children’s and families precious moments on — only I haven’t had the time to figure out how to use it! Your manual may be just what I need to get started.

  24. Cindy Singer says

    I also Liked MOM*Tog on facebook!

  25. Alex says

    I neeeeeed this, to learn how to use my new 50D! 🙂

  26. I need this manual for my photography sanity!! Only recently have started to click away more often on my new DSLR and need any tips and information! The book looks great!
    .-= Emily Petrous´s last blog ..rock star =-.

  27. I also have “liked” you on Facebook for a while now. : )
    .-= Emily Petrous´s last blog ..rock star =-.

  28. MalindaB says

    I would LOVE to win this!! I just got a new canon 50D and I am struggling with the manual. This would be a dream for me!! Oh.. and I’m a mom!

  29. Katie says

    I need this to become a better photographer and to help me in my new business. So excited!!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Garden =-.

  30. Katie says

    I’ve “liked” momtog on facebook!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Garden =-.

  31. Oh, I need the manual!!! I love the unposing guide and have learned so much. I want to continue learning as much as I can and improve!!!
    .-= Vikki O’Brien´s last blog ..Pure Beauty =-.

  32. Lisa says

    As a mom of 2 (almost 3 kids), I don’t have the time or the patience to sit down with my Canon camera manual and figure everything out. Your UNmanual looks like it is concise and written in plain English. I’ve GOTTA have it!

  33. I “liked” you on FaceBook!! Hope I win!!
    .-= Vikki O’Brien´s last blog ..Pure Beauty =-.

  34. Annette says

    Ohhhh, I would LOVE to win the manual so that I can BEGIN to take the plunge and get out of AUTO mode. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your images and your willingness to share soooo much of your hard work with the bloggy world. THANK YOU and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!

  35. Charity says

    I met my husband in college- in photograhy class- actually (I was a biology major- he an art major). We did not learn about our cameras, we learned how to develop b&w with film negatives, which was neat, but we missed out on alot of the basics (but I did fall in love :)! I have always enjoyed taking pictures- but have always used Auto everything. After reading your blog, I am striving to shoot manual- totally intimidating. I have tried the manual that came with my camera- but it is a totally different language (you are totally right)! I need the UNmanual to simplify the whole process in words that I can understand. I really want to get better, and I totally appreciate your willingness to share all that you know. Thank you very much.

  36. Charity says

    Oh! And I definately liked MomTog on Facebook!

  37. Lisa says

    I just blogged about your giveaway on my photography website:

  38. wendy says

    I would LOVE to win this unmanual! I’ve been trying to learn and practice, but somehow manual is just slightly out of my reach comprehension wise! I would love to be able to get my hands on this and learn more!

  39. rachel h says

    I need this because my baby girl is getting bigger every day, and time doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon! 🙂 Thanks for the chance Drew!!
    .-= rachel h´s last blog ..the birthday girl’s bash =-.

  40. wendy says

    liked on facebook!

  41. Jenn says

    I need the UNmanual because I want to take beautiful photos that I can look back on with family… today, tomorrow, and years from now 🙂

  42. angela says

    I’m a mom! I need an UNmanual because I am completely self-taught and even though I practice, practice, practice I still need loads of help…in plain English! (I swear, could they MAKE the manuals less user-friendly?) Would totally love to get my hands on one 🙂

  43. Jenn says

    And… I liked Momtog on Facebook 🙂 🙂 🙂

  44. Laura says

    I need this Unmanual because I need to take better pictures of the items I hope to sell. My husband is no good at trying to explain it all to me!

  45. Lizbeth says

    I’ve ‘liked’ mom*tog on facebook.

  46. Teddi says

    I need an UNmanual because my very generous mother in law gave us our beautiful DSLR and in typical mom fashion, I feel guilty for not using it to its fullest. I need to learn to use it to take more pictures of their beautiful grandchildren!
    .-= Teddi´s last blog ..Make Your Own Yogurt =-.

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