Mr and Mrs Waters

When I arrived at the Athenaeum on the campus of Cal Tech to shoot Nancy getting ready, everyone was so calm.  Nancy, her three sisters (and bridesmaids), and her mom and dad were getting ready together in the room upstairs probably like they had done in their own home many, many times before.  Except this time there was a big white dress hanging in the corner and the anticipation of one of the biggest events in their families life.  Nancy is the oldest of four girls and the first to get married.  It was really special to capture their family dynamic.  It made me wish I had three sisters!

The Athenaeum is a gorgeous venue to get married.  It’s so historical and has such beautiful architecture.  It was the perfect backdrop for Nancy and Eric’s wedding.  Nancy and Eric met while traveling the world together and they told me that the Athenaeum reminded them of some of the places they had visited together.  It was such a beautiful and elegant affair.  And ran so seamlessly thanks to the vendors and staff on site (special thanks to Samantha from La Bella Dia and Dior from the Athenaeum!)

Congratulations, Eric and Nancy!  I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in Croatia and are making new adventures together now as a married couple!  Here’s your slideshow!

01 copy

This ring was Nancy’s Grandpa’s (Poppa as they affectionatly call him) fraternity pin and later her Grandma’s (Dotie) engagement ring.  The fabric around the flowers is the baby bonnet that Nancy wore when she came home from the hospital.

02 copy

Flowers by Commerce Flowers

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Mark with Awesome Entertainment did a great job of keeping the party going!  One of the best DJ’s I’ve worked with!

46 copy

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Remember Dotie and Poppa?  They won the Anniversary dance and Nancy gave her the bouquet.  I couldn’t hear what was being said, but you could tell that Dotie was very touched and couldn’t believe Nancy would give her the bouquet.  Then Dotie and Poppa shared a special dance together.  Poppa whirled and twirled her all over the dance floor.  Dotie sang to Poppa.  They looked like teenagers!  It was really one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

62 copy

Eric works for a big GPS company.  Inside his ring Nancy had the coordinates of the Athenaeum engraved.  How cool is that?

IMG_9945 copy

Quite possibly my most favorite ring shot I’ve ever taken!

58 copy


  1. Megg says

    Hi Drew – I just have to say, those are some of the most stunning pictures I have ever seen of a wedding. Beautiful job.

  2. Karlee says

    What an elegant wedding! Love the picture of Dotie and Poppa!!! As usual Drew, the pictures are absolutely stunning!

  3. Lora Ayers says

    I love how you shot her looking in the mirror, and it’s so crisp, and I LOVE that you used the windows, and building to frame them in a few of the couples shots.

  4. Evie Perez says

    Hey Drew!! These are awesome pictures and WOW what a great venue. I love all of the personal details the couple put into their wedding. You can tell this wedding was fun and special, and most importanly they had a speical person as their photographer!! I too love how you incorporated the maps with the ring shoots. Great job, Lady 🙂

  5. 6th pix down really caught my eye… the one with the Dad)?) and the 3 girls, with the focus on the Dad… it is just incredible and different and has such ‘feeling’ to it. I LOVE it!

  6. Kathrina says

    What an amazing wedding! Your photos are simply beautiful!

  7. Adam says

    This is really awesome!! I love the picture o fthem kissing and you can see their shadows, and I LOVE these ring shots!

  8. LauraC says

    Gorgeous gorgeous pictures! Caltech is my alma mater so it was a special treat to see these! I worked at the Ath as a waitress while I was a student there so this brought back some great memories.

  9. Anna says

    OMW. These are great shots! The socks are so cool.
    And that has to be the coolest wedding ring ever 🙂