Tracy’s Day With Drew

A few weeks ago I spent the day with new Orange County photography Tracy Laulhere (website coming soon!).  She’s a Stanford educated mom of 2 who’s decided to turn her love of photography into a business.  It’s a good thing I didn’t know she was a Stanford grad until we had already started our session because I would have been intimidated!  Tracy has done her research in photography.  She’s bought all the right equipment.  Gone to seminars with the best photographers in Orange County.  And has perfected her logo and is working on perfecting her website and blog.  She’s getting everything lined up perfectly before starting her business.

But, my question to her was, is it ever going to be perfect?  My advice to Tracy was to listen to her heart and dive in.  Let her emotions drive her instead of her brain and see where it takes you.  A lot of photography is emotional.  The way you connect with your clients.  The way you depict the love you see through your lens.  You can’t (or at least I can’t) rationalize everything that I do with photography.  Sometimes you have to just go with it and let your heart lead the way.

I am very excited to see Tracy’s website and blog!  I know she will put out nothing but an amazing product!

The awesome Enoch family modeled for us.  I love how bright and colorful their outfits were!  They totally matched their outgoing and fun personalities.  Had so much fun with this family!

IMG_9572copy copy

IMG_9636copy copy

IMG_9929copy copy

IMG_0038copy copy

IMG_0139copy copy

IMG_0179copy copy

IMG_0222copy copy

IMG_0278copy copy

IMG_0315copy copy

IMG_0385copy copy

And one of the awesome Tracy in action!

IMG_9684copy copy

If you are interested in booking a Day With Drew you can find more information here!


  1. julie says

    What a fun session!
    The vespa is fabulous. Good thing it was locked up, because that would be super tempting to scoot off in.
    I know this day was a dream come true for the Enoch’s.
    Can’t wait to see Tracy’s site.

  2. Maureen Enoch says

    Love them Drew… happy…..thank you, thank you!!

  3. Elizabeth says

    I’m so envious of this location (field) you use, Drew! The lighting is just awesome!
    I hope you’ll share her website when it’s available. I always enjoy looking at photography sites.