The Lens Loves…

I’m so super excited that my newest website launched yesterday!  The Lens Loves is a website dedicated to everything related to portrait photography.  There are so many wedding inspiration websites that I thought there needed to be one aimed at photography for families, kids, and babies too!  The site will feature sessions from the best photographers around the country (maybe we’ll expand to Canada soon as well!) and we’ll also have a photography directory so you can find the best photographers in your area (will be launching after the first of the year!).  Be sure to check out the “real portraits” section often as that’s where our awesome photographers will be posting their favorite sessions.

So, come and check it out and be sure to add it to your blog reader!  Happy Friday!


  1. LOVE the idea Drew! And it is now added to my GoogleReader!

  2. Lisa A. says

    Good idea! Maybe you should post some upcoming photographers too, that would be interesting!
    Lisa A.´s last blog post ..Joy- Joy- Joy!

  3. what a great idea Drew! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be posting.

  4. Susan Peterson says

    Hi Drew Love the new site. Its a great idea. My favorite part is the love line. A dear friend of mine is undergoing a particularly nasty trial of chemo and radiation. This is her second time battling cervical cancer. She’s pretty far away and I couldn’t get to her for portraits. I tried to find someone to fit her family in before she started her chemo but it was too short of notice in this busy season. I hope and pray that I will get to take her family portraits when she’s healthy again. She has 2 beautiful boys ages 5 and 2. Thanks for this site and this service!

  5. Julie says

    It is beautiful, so rich in information and with so much heart. I am so excited for you and can’t believe how much hard work you put into it. It totally shows. Yay!!!!!
    Julie´s last blog post ..Just like that

  6. kari says

    This is so exciting! I’m taking my first class in Jan and will definitely be incorporating your blog into my lesson plan! XOXO
    kari´s last blog post ..Meal Planning Monday – Christmas Treats

  7. LOVE the idea Drew! And it is now added to my GoogleReader!