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Wow!  There are SO many talented Mom*togs out there!  With over 200 entries it was extremely difficult to narrow it down to my favorite twenty.  I was only able to narrow them down to my favorite twenty four!

Voting is open until Thursday at midnight, Pacific time.  The image number is ABOVE the image.  Voting is at the bottom of the page.  The top 10 images with the most votes will be displayed on the new site.  The winners will be announced when the new site launches on Monday, February 14!

Thank you to all who entered and congrats to the top 24!

Image One

Image Two

Image Three

Image Four

Image Five

Image Six

Image Seven

Image Eight

Image Nine

Image Ten

Image Eleven

Image Twelve

Image Thirteen

Image Fourteen

Image Fifteen

Image Sixteen

Image Seventeen

Image Eighteen

Image Nineteen

Image Twenty

Image Twenty One

Image Twenty Two

Image Twenty Three

Image Twenty Four

Voting is now closed!  Thanks to all who voted!


  1. Lisa A. says

    After reading you had over 200 entries I did not expect to make the top 24! I am so excited! Drew, you have been an inspiration to me and I’m so happy to even know you look at a photo I took! WOW!

    photo #15 :)
    Lisa A.´s last blog post ..Innocent Wonder

  2. Jen L says

    So so happy I made the top 24,I almost cried. Thank you Drew for taking the time to look at all 200 pictures! Jen

    Jocelyn photo #4

  3. Can’t believe mine made it either!! Honored to be among so many beautiful images :)

    Photo #7!!

  4. Sara O. says

    What great photos! I’m looking for a new camera and wanted to know which camera and lens did you top 24 Mom*togs use to get your photo? What program did you use to edit? What did you edit on the photo? Love to learn how other people get their great photos : )

  5. Ohhh, these are all SO good! I wanted to send in a picture, but simply ran out of time :( However, I did get my vote in for my favorite! Best of luck everyone! And Drew, I am so excited to see what you have in store for us!
    Bobbie Brown´s last blog post ..Banner- Tate and Enya

  6. Janelle E. says

    I was totally shocked as well to see my photo with the top 24 (photo #8! There really is a lot of talent out there. Thanks so much Drew for the daily inspiration. I seriously love your blog :) And good luck to everyone!
    Janelle E.´s last blog post ..Family night

  7. Jennifer says

    SOO excited that my pic (#2) was chosen as a finalist. Thank you Drew for being such an inspiration to me as a “momtog”. This made my month!!

  8. Mandy C says

    I’m LOVING #5. Perfect for this site! And no, it’s not mine.

  9. Jobrina says

    So much cuteness going on!!!!! I am honored to be among these other 23 entries, what GREAT talent!!!! And thank you Drew, I’m so excited my image (#1) was chosen as a finalist. ;-)

  10. Katie says

    Ohmigoodness how do I choose…but number 4 it is!!! :) :) :)

  11. Shannon says

    Love all the photos! My girl (#17) was excited to her photo was chosen :)
    To answer Sara…I use a Canon 5D and the lens was the 70-200mm 2.8. Love that one! I use photoshop CS3 for editing.
    Thank you Drew…what a fun contest!

  12. Thanks, Drew, for doing this!! I’m so excited that the picture of my little Sophie (#20) made the top 24!!! And I agree about #5… so adorable!

  13. MAK says

    So many great shots, excited to be among them (#11)! Sara O., to answer your question, this image was taken on a Canon 50D and the lens was a 17-55mm 2.8. Just moved up to the 5D Mark II though, LOVE it. I edit in Lightroom and Photoshop CS4.

  14. hope says

    so excited to have been chosen in the top 24. my girlie is #12. sara – i took this with my canon rebel xsi and 50mm 1.4 lens. edited in photoshop elements. nothing overly fancy :)
    hope´s last blog post ..Toothless Wonder

  15. Amber says

    I’m sooo excited that my picture was chosen in the top 24… there are so many sweet pictures here! To answer Sara O… I have a Canon 50D and took this with my 50mm 1.8 lens, edited in PSE. Go Image Ten! :)

  16. Michelle says

    I’m loving #10, so artistic!

  17. libby says

    im thrilled my noah {#14!} made the cut! yay! thank you thank you!!

    and for the question asked… i used canon rebel xsi and 50 1.4. I use photoshop. :)
    libby´s last blog post ..A Little Valentine DIY

  18. Kaylyn Strickland says

    Wow! wonderful shots! I don’t know how I will choose just one…

  19. Neha says

    Thank you!! I’m so excited seeing my picture of my beautiful girl…#9.. in the top 24! I recently heard about “Momtog” from a photographer friend and absolutely LOVE this blog!! Thanks Drew!

    P.S. I’m also in love with #5!!

  20. Lisa A. says

    Sara O. I just used my Canon Rebel XS and 50 1.8. No big fancy equipment yet, but I will be upgrading soon! I also edit in Photoshop.
    Lisa A.´s last blog post ..Innocent Wonder

  21. Julyssa says

    Sara, I used my canon mark II with my 50 1.4 and some photoshop and a florabella action :)

    My image is #18 and THANK YOU for choosing it Drew … I’m so excited that my photo made it into the top 24 :) Good luck to all of the ladies, they all have wonderful photos!

  22. YVONN EALFORD says

    What a great idea for moms to showoff there adorable child/children

  23. YVONNE A says

    They are all so lovely,how do we choose?

  24. Roger says

    My vote is for #5

  25. Jessica says

    First of all, Drew – kudos to you for going through all those submissions and picking only 24! Ladies, I’m so impressed with the great photos (and beautiful kiddos)! It was so hard to only get one vote. :) I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Thousand Words Wednesday- Papa and Baby Siennalee

  26. Malik says

    #5 is a family friends son! He is such an adorable and loving little boy. Vote vote vote….

  27. Staci says

    Wow! All the pictures are really good. @ Sara, My picture is #5. I shot it with a 5DMark II (which I’ve had for a little over a year). I also use an Xsi which was my very first SLR I got in 2009. I used my 24-70 f2.8. I also loved my 50mm 1.8, but it broke and now I’m just saving for the 50mm 1.4. Editing is LR2 and Photoshop CS4. I edited exposure and contrast and used an MCP sharpening action.

  28. rachel h says

    I took picture #3 with a Nikon D40, a 50mm 1.4 and I edited in iPhoto (it came on my computer) Someday I hope to learn how to use my PSE. :)

    Thanks Drew, I still can’t believe mine was picked!!
    rachel h´s last blog post ..this is the way

  29. CJ says

    Love number 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Vinnie says

    Wow! I am beyond thrilled to see my photo of my girl (#21) included among these amazing images!! Thank you Drew!! I still can’t believe she’s up there!

    My photo was taken with a Canon 7D, 50mm 1.8 and edited in LR & PS4. So excited to see the new blog!

  31. Sara O. says

    Thanks ladies for sharing which camera you use. There are lots of great images taken without really expensive cameras! This will help me as I decide which camera to upgrade to. Right now I am using a Nikon D40.

  32. Shawn Renee' says

    This little girl has so much intensity in her eyes. Her hair texture looks
    great in this photo as well. Love it! #12

  33. Haven says

    #24 is soooo cute! Love the stare down with the monkey!

  34. Penny Rider says

    No.5 is “picture perfect.”

  35. Sarah Allen says

    My vote is for #2!

  36. Chynell says

    Love #12

  37. Allyson says

    #17 :)

  38. Kimberly says

    # 21 :)

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