Say Cheese!

Today’s post is inspired by Jen Logan’s post on Real Mom*togs.  It made me LOL!

To get Brayden to give me a natural smile I usually tell him a joke.  Lately it’s been, “Hey, Brayden!  Guess what?  Chicken butt!”.  That gets him every time!  I think boys will laugh at anything that has the word “butt” or “fart” in it 🙂

*** Taken with Canon 5d Mark II (boo!  old school 5d is in the shop) and 50 1.2

F 2.0, 1/1250, ISO 125

How do you get your kids to smile naturally?  Post your pictures on Real Mom*togs!


  1. Jen L says

    He is so cute! I’ll have to remember that when Jocelyn starts to think jokes are funny 🙂
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  2. Jenny Joy says

    YAY for natural smiles! Sometimes they are hard to find, no?

    At our house, “butt” and “fart” even works on the girlies. And much older kids. I swear they’ll have graduated college before those two words will cease to be funny and bring a big ol’ giggle.

  3. Mary says

    How cute he is!! I agree that boys will laugh or smile at any potty jokes. My son is 10, so all I have to do is talk about the girl he has a crush on! My daughter is 21 months, so I often will pretend to hit my camera on my head and say “Oh no!” … but then have to rush to focus and get the shot.

  4. he is way too cute for works!! Usually “cheese” still works for us but I think I might have to start trying something new she’s catching onto my tricks 😛
    you said boo to the Mark II do you prefer your classic to it?
    misty smith´s last blog post ..Its all Rachaels fault I love Kelly Moores Bags personal

  5. denise says

    this is perfect, i sometimes have a hard time working with kids, but this is so simple! love the brightness of your images!
    denise´s last blog post ..Slow Motion

  6. Lisa A. says

    I can’t wait for my little man to start thinking jokes are funny. Right now, if he sees the camera he wont even look up! Maybe it is just think toddler stage….at least I’m hoping so 🙂
    Lisa A.´s last blog post ..Photo A Day- Day 7

  7. Kelly says

    I use the same tactic. I usually say something about Spongebob or Patrick’s butt or something about fart blossoms!!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Playing Beauty Shop

  8. Sarah S. says

    My one-year old says “Cheese” automatically when the camera comes out. I have to think quickly to get him to do something different and try to capture that. Do you really prefer the “old” 5D? I am looking to upgrade my 40D – and can’t decide if I should wait for the “new 5D” to come out.

  9. Megan H. says

    HA! I ask my 2 1/2 year old the same thing! Although, when I say “guess what?” He answers “chicken butt” and smiles before I can even get the words out of my mouth! Fun to know other moms use the same tricks ☺