Shabby Apple & My Little Dear Giveaway!

Last day of giveaways!  But, don’t be sad.  We have a lot of awesome sponsors who will be doing giveaways in the future!

Today’s giveaway is a little something for you AND for your little one!

First up, Shabby Apple!  Shabby Apple is an online store specializing in women’s dresses.  They carry so many dresses that could be perfect for your next family shoot!  Or date night!  The winner can choose from three dresses:


Tuxedo III

Azure Coast

Aren’t they cute?  And if that wasn’t enough, Shabby Apple is giving Mom*tog readers 10% off their order.  How awesome is that?  Just enter in the code “momtog10off” at checkout!

Be sure to like Shabby Apple on Facebook to stay up to date on their current promotions and exclusive discounts!

Now that you look great, here’s something for your little one!  My Little Dear is giving away their super cute ABC and 123 tees (size 3-6 months to 6) and one of their super cute headbands!  Aren’t they absolutely adorable?

Brayden had the ABC onesie when he was a baby and he looked so cute in it!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below saying where you would wear your Shabby Apple dress to.  For an extra entry, post a picture on the Real Mom*tog page that shows why you need a date night away from your kids!  Be sure to leave another comment for the second entry!  Contest ends tonight, 2/22, at midnight PST.  Winner will be announced tomorrow morning!  Good luck!


  1. Emily says

    I would wear my dress all around town, baby! With some bangles…

  2. Kerrie says

    Love Shabby Apple…I did the shop by body type about a week ago and loved seeing the suggestions for my body type: pear! lucky me! ha! 🙂 but i love the dress Nantucket and how awesome would that dress work for both work and a night out with my hubby.

  3. I would wear the dress on a date with my husband to a restaurant on the water! =)

  4. Ronda says

    My husband bought me gift certificates to some favorite restaurants for Christmas and declared them “date nights”. I had already scribbled in 12 date nights on our brand new calendar, so apparently, we’re on the same page. So, we have the when, we have the where, I just need some new duds!

  5. Vinnie says

    I love the cider dress! I would wear it for a much needed date night with the hubs, or even to work when I’m teaching.
    Vinnie´s last blog post ..The C Family

  6. CanadianKristin says

    I’d wear my fantabulous dress to greet my husband at the door… and the date night would certainly follow! 😉

  7. Oh I love these dresses! I recently lost almost 30 lbs. and can’t wait to do a new family portrait with my husband, two kids and the new skinny me. I have not worn a dress in about 2 years because I didn’t feel cute enough. I know I would feel so pretty wearing any one of these. Crossing my fingers 🙂

  8. I would definitely wear it on a date. Last weekend we had 27 hours alone, the longest time in 13 months….and it is so needed and so refreshing for our marriage. I was craving a fun and flirty new dress for our date last weekend and would love to wear one of these cuties on our next getaway!

  9. Jessica says

    Funny, I’m giving away a Shabby Apple dress over on my blog this week too! I’d love to get my hands on one. We have a long list of weddings this summer and it would be perfect to wear to any number of them. Their stuff is super lovely!

    P.S. That’s my little guy in the white ABC shirt!! 😉

  10. Sarah Swanson says

    I have to agree that I would wear it on a date! We never seem to get out anymore. A new dress would be a perfect reason to get out. I also love those ABC shirts! So cute!

  11. Melissa says

    I would wear it out with my husband! Working full time with a 3 year old and a 2 month, I don’t get dressed up for him much. I would love to be his “girlfriend” for a night. 🙂

  12. Nan says

    I would love a new dress for a night out or perhaps to a wedding I have coming up!

  13. Melissa says

    OOoooh, I have two weddings coming up and nothing to wear. I promise, nothing. Come look in my closet.

  14. Ashley says

    I would wear it to my sister-in-law’s bridal shower


  15. Jessica C says

    I would wear the dress for a romantic weekend trip that my husband and I are planning shortly for our 4th wedding anniversary!

  16. Suzanne says

    Oh- these are so pretty! I would wear it to a wedding.
    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  17. April says

    Being a mom of two boys I never get to dress up anymore and my husband’s and I’s date end up being at a sporting event of one kind or another. I would love a great dress to go out on the town with my husband maybe to a nice play and dinner

  18. SLucy says

    I would wear it everywhere lol

  19. Karen says

    Oh these dresses are so cute – I would love to get dresses up and go out for a nice dinner and drinks with the hubby. Love the ABC onesie!

  20. Heather says

    I would wear it anywhere!! I would just LOVE a break from my jeans and boring black pants!

  21. Katrina says

    I would wear mine everywhere…complete with baby on my hip..they look so cute! Oh yeah and out to dinner!

  22. Confession, I would wear that cute little cider dress to the park with my little Beatrice. And then a wander to the Farmer’s Market. And then to pick up Dad for dinner. I would feel lovely all day.
    Kathryn Palmateer´s last blog post ..Stories of babes…

  23. JulieAnn says

    I think the questions is more where WOULDN’T I wear a new dress? I’m itching for some new clothes for spring and would love some new dresses to wear to date nights and Moms Nights Out…
    JulieAnn´s last blog post ..Sleep deprived

  24. Danielle says

    I’d wear my new dress on a night out with my hubby. If I win I promsie I would show him this and MAKE him take me out!

  25. Meg T says

    I would wear one of these CUTE dresses the second I got my waist back (9 more weeks until my 3rd is due!!). I’d be sporting it to church b/c that is the only fancy place I see myself going for a long, long time ; )

  26. Wendy says

    What a cute giveaway today. I have a wedding to go to in June. This would be perfect for that! 🙂
    Wendy´s last blog post ..New Backdrop

  27. Lacey says

    I would definitely wear my shabby Apple dress to church but it would be fun for a date night too!
    Lacey´s last blog post ..Physical Therapy Yes Please!

  28. I would wear my Shabby Apple dress on a date to PF Changs. We have a gift card and a babysitter. Now all I need is the dress!!
    Rachel@IdahoCheneys´s last blog post ..Cadences New Thing

  29. Katie says

    I am looking for a dress for my nephew’s Christening. This would be great!

  30. Heather Barlow says

    I would wear the dress to our cruise in April!

  31. Kelsey says

    Such a fun giveaway! The onesies are adorable!

  32. Kara says

    I would like the Cider dress! Where would I wear it? Only to pick up my husband when he gets back from Afghanistan!!!

  33. Cynthia says

    I just love these dresses! I’m not sure where I wouldn’t wear them.

    I’d wear them on date nights with my honey
    I’d wear them daily, I wouldn’t look funny.
    I’d wear these cute little dresses with pride
    I’d wear these cute little dresses and my hips wouldn’t like wide.
    I’d wear them all around town
    I’d wear them to the circus and visit a clown,
    I’d even wear them while shopping at Wal-mart
    I’d even wear them while pushing my shopping cart.
    ohh the places I would wear these cute little dresses I just can’t tell
    Worst come to worst, I’d even rock these dresses while crying in my cell.

  34. I just scheduled a family shoot for this summer I would for sure being wearing it for these pictures!!

  35. Ariana says

    Love the Blue one..would wear it to my sisters bridal shower this summer…Ohhh can’t wait

  36. Megan says

    I think Cider would be super cute for work with a cardigan (though it seems a shame to hide the cool zipper in the back!)

  37. my second is due april 1st, so i would shape up and get out on the town this summer with my husband to celebrate our 7th anniversary!! also have sister-in-law’s bridal shower i would need an adorable dress for. 2 for 1!
    Emily Petrous´s last blog post ..girls weekend

  38. Mari says

    I would wear it out on a date with my hubster and to church. I love that cider one!

  39. Rory says

    My sister is getting married so I’m knee deep in showers and other events I need to look cute for….

  40. Tricia W says

    i’d love to wear one of these dresses on my 10th anniversary weekend getaway with my hubbie. 🙂

  41. SIOBHAN TOBIN says

    date night… date nights… date night.

  42. Brit says

    I’d wear it as soon as I wrap up losing all this baby weight and celebrate with a night out with the hubby!

  43. Sara P. says

    Where wouldnt I wear this dress!?!? I would wear it all over! To work on casual friday, on a date with my husband, out with my friends. It looks very versatile!

  44. Mary says

    (I think my first comment didn’t go through) I would love a new dress to wear out with my husband or my girlfriends!