24 Weeks

*** Brayden’s cute bow tie was a gift from Monick at Lillybug Lane.  Love it!

It’s official.  I’m big.  I’ve stopped weighing myself because I know I can’t control the inevitable anymore.  The “hunger” has returned.  When I was pregnant with Brayden I had the “hunger” all the time.  I was starving my entire pregnancy.  I got lucky with this one because I really wasn’t too hungry for the first 22ish weeks.  But, it’s back and I’m making up for lost time.  No real cravings.  I just can’t ever seem to get full.  Eating has officially become a chore.

This baby is active.  No, she’s not just active, she’s a little crazy.  Her most active period is between 8 and 11pm.  But, really, she moves all day and night.  She hates it when I sleep on my left side and let’s me know it.  She is crazy active and opinionated.  I was really hoping this baby might have some of my husband’s personality traits because I can’t handle two kids who act like me (Yes, Mom.  I know.  It’s the ultimate payback).

Now that I am only 15 weeks away from having this baby (I will most likely have a c-section at 39 week), I’m starting to have a lot of anxiety about the labor and delivery.  I chose a doctor that will allow me to do a VBAC if I choose.  But, with a VBAC they won’t induce me and I’m very nervous that if I go past my due date again I will get preeclampsia for a second time.  I probably won’t get it again.  My doctor said that I’m more likely to get it again than the average person, but less likely to get it than I was the first time (if that makes sense).  I’m scared that if I go for the VBAC and go past my due date I could end up having to have a c section anyways and have to go on the mag again.  Which, is my worst nightmare.  I’m certain that I can deal with any type of labor and deliver if I can do it without being on magnesium sulfate.  I just want to be present this time.  The mag makes you feel like you have a horrible case of the flu.  I was hot, achey, and nauseous on top of all the normal labor pains.  And to make it worse, I was on it 24 hours I delivered and had to have blood drawn every hour (which meant even less usual sleep for a new mom) AND they would not let me have water.  I didn’t eat, drink or sleep for almost 3 days.  I know that people go through much worse labors and deliveries, but I’m just hoping I can have one with a little less drama than last time.

I’ll do whatever I have to do to end up with a healthy baby.  But, it’s so much scarier going into it the second time and knowing what can go wrong.  With Brayden I thought the worst thing that could possibly happen would be that I would poop during delivery and welcomed an excuse to have a c-section.  This time I would just LOVE to go into labor on my own.  I want that whole water breaking, rushing to the hospital with contractions experience.

Besides being starving, dealing with a crazy baby, and having a bit of anxiety I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m actually sleeping better than I was and am taking a sleeping aid about once a week to get a really good nights sleep.  Sitting for long periods of time is starting to hurt and I feel a lot better after going for long walks.  I walk slow, but it feels good to stretch everything out.

Time is flying by.  I really need to get started on the nursery…


  1. Kristi says

    Coming from someone who had two great birthing experiences, I can’t really talk… but from READING so much about it on baby boards… (haha, I should stop right now) but try to just enjoy the last few weeks and not stress! As you obviously know, something that can go wrong… WILL. And you have no control over it. So take a few of those calming breathes and if at 39 weeks your Dr says, have a C section.. then do it! And if you are looking okay… then keep chilling out and maybe your body will cooperate!

    Either way, she is almost here! 🙂
    Kristi´s last blog post ..Hoppy Hoppy Easter!!

  2. Kathleen says

    You look great! My second (born in Jan this year) was extremely active in the womb. There wasn’t a time of day where he wasn’t moving around and making his presence known. I always said it was because he was the second child, saying ‘ hey don’t forget about me’. He was really fussy as a newborn. Wishing you a content (and healthy) baby.

  3. Jen Imus says

    Just reading this post brought back all the memories from my second pregnancy! I had some of the same concerns (preeclampsia for one – and I didn’t get it at all with my second). Everyone told me that your body just knows how to do the whole baby-delivery thing MUCH better the second time, and for me that was definitely the case.

    And Kendall was just like that, too! So active, opinionated and funny – even before she came out! 🙂

    And btw, I know you feel big, but you really look adorable!

  4. Tira says

    I haven’t had a baby yet, but know from close friends experiences and my Mom working in an OBGYN office for 23 years. Don’t do a VBAC. There are way too many permanent life altering risks involved. Some women have no problems, and others do. Of course, it is your own personal choice. I would certainly do more research on it. I will be praying for you during the next 15 weeks, in that you and your little girl stay healthy.

  5. Monick S. says

    Aaaa! He looks SO cute! Love it! 🙂

    I agree on a lot of what the other lady’s said! the second time around is much different and your body does things a little faster I thought. about a week before by due date I started getting really strong contractions for about a day but they weren’t consistent so I didn’t think anything of it till I went in and I was 4 centimeters dilated!

    You’ll do great!
    Monick S.´s last blog post ..Lilly&39s Sweet TuTu&39s

  6. DrewB says

    Trust me, Tira, if done a ton of research on VBACs. And while there are risks with VBACs there are also risks with each c-section you have as well. I don’t want to turn this into a debate about which is better because ultimately it’s a very personal decision for each person and I know there are people that feel very passionate about both options 🙂

  7. Cat Watson says

    I totally am with you on wanting the whole going into labor on my own thing…I am due this Friday but am already 5cm dilated, yet still nothing! I was induced with my daughter and really want this to be a surprise when I go into labor…here’s to hoping we both have safe, complication-free, surprise deliveries!

  8. maria says

    Drew, I hear ya about it all!!! Praying for you to have the delivery experience because I’m praying the same for myself too!! I’m 29 weeks along with my second boy and I had to be induced at 42 weeks because I never went into labor. I’m a nurse so I know all about the evil drugs called mag sulfate and pitocin!!! Will definitely be thinking of you and thank for being so honest!
    maria´s last blog post ..Our unconventional Easter

  9. Suzanne says

    I had pre-e with my first pregnancy but not my second….I hope all goes well!
    Suzanne´s last blog post ..Baked Ziti

  10. Monica Nunez says

    you look fabulous, drew! your baby’s level of activity reminds me of my pregnancy. juliette never stopped moving. she had favorite songs she especially moved to and had the hiccups all the time. as you’ve witnessed, it was just an indication of how active she’d be outside of the womb! best of luck with the labor and delivery. i’m sure you’ll get through it all like a champ!

  11. Tonya says

    hoping all goes well welcoming baby girl naturally this time 🙂 Your tummy looks fabulous! enjoy that appetite! 🙂


    Tonya´s last blog post ..carly and brett…a sneak…

  12. erika says

    i was on magnesium sulfate with my first pregnancy (i had pre-eclampsia)….i had the highest dose of mag, highest dose of pitocin. i thought that was the worst thing that could happen…but now i would welcome going on mag again if it meant a healthy baby. just keep your eye on the prize (a healthy baby girl)- and no matter what happens, vbac or c-section, it will all be okay…
    erika´s last blog post ..Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

  13. Jennifer says

    You are toooo cute! {Hugs} I’ve totally been there with the anxiety about the labor and delivery. My first was a loooong labor ending in a c-section of which I hardly remember anything they doped me up so much. Recovery was awful, like yours, and I just don’t have good memories… arg, it was supposed to be a beautiful experience! Good news though, I had a successful VBAC with my second child, and it was beautiful and everything I ever dreamed giving birth would be like. I REALLY hope you are able to have that, the going into labor on your own, water breaking, pushing your little one out… oh I do hope the end of your pregnancy is free from any complications of any sort. And definitely, if you aren’t having any signs of pre-eclampsia or any other complications, ask the doc if they can let you go past 39 weeks and try for your VBAC. Don’t be afraid to ask the “Why” questions. Educate yourself, surround yourself with supportive people, and ENJOY the rest of your pregnancy. 🙂

  14. Heidi says

    You know what, you look awesome. You don’t “look heavy” at all. Never been pregnant so I could only empathize and you’ll get through it just fine!

  15. Jeanne says

    Sexy mama! You look great! I don’t miss that intense hunger pregnancy brings with it. But the end result is so worth it. I hope you get the birth you want this time around. VBAC or c section, I really hope you avoid mag! That stuff should be used to torture people…it is so evil!
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  16. Kaila says

    Okay- I must know where you got your maternity pants. I need some cute ones really bad! I am one week further than you and I cannot put off getting a few pairs any longer. I just need to know where to find cute ones. Help!

  17. Heather says

    Hi! I hope it all works out for you on the second birth! You look terrific if that eases your nervousness. I was in the same boat you were too. I did not have the preeclampsia though. But I thought that I wanted a vbac but I was incredibly nervous about it. But God took care of it for me, and made Bo breach!
    So, for me, in my situation, I wasted a lot of time worrying about what couldn’t be helped. Funny how God has a plan all along:)

  18. DrewB says

    Kaila – They are GAP maternity. I wear them everyday 🙂

  19. christine says

    you look adorable! hang in there. glad you are getting rest.

  20. Kaila says

    Thank you!! So cute, I will check them out!
    Kaila´s last blog post ..25 weeks! our life

  21. Alex says

    You look so stinkin cute!! I just had my second c-section on the 11th and if it’s any comfort to you it was a million times easier than my first! Very calm and planned out, and the recovery was a breeze compared to #1. I’m 2 weeks out and taking it easy but seriously feel normal again which took weeks the first go round! I am a nurse and pre-e and mag are scary stuff but with close monitoring you will do great no matter what route you choose!

  22. Miz Boo says

    You have a great baby bump!
    Remember to do one of those straight on shots with your hands under your tummy.
    And then…hold your little baby in your hands where your tummy was.

    Does that make sense? I know you have seen those shots and they are so cute!

    Feel well!
    Love you,

  23. Kayla says

    Hey Drew! You look great =) Im a labor and delivery nurse and although VBAC can have some scary complications, so can having a c-section and even giving birth vaginally comes with a ton of complications. I have seen many many successful VBACs and some unsuccessful ones. The good thing is with VBACs the Docs usually don’t give you as much time to change your cervix as they would for someone who has never had any c-sections. So if you do go into labor on your own and aren’t changing as quickly as they would like they will either A. start you on a very low dose of pitocin or B. take you to OR. But remember this all depends on how the baby is doing, how you are doing and what your doctor is comfortable with. Either way try not to stress : ) I’m sure everything will go well whichever way it happens!!

  24. Pallavi says

    hi! drew,
    have been following your blog for sometime.love it :). just wanted to share that I recently had a VBAC. it’s one of the most sensible decision i ever made. recovery is so much faster and birthing experience itself is beyond words!! I hope more & more women learn about their choices. its not as scary as it sounds. risk is 1 in 100 cases. c section carries risk too. So I pray that you labor & delivery goes well and you have a healthy baby 🙂