Happy 4th Birthday, Brayden

Dear Brayden,

I’ve been staring at a blank computer screen for awhile now.  I’m not sure that words can properly convey how proud I am to be your Mommy.  At your birthday party today, I held you as everyone sang happy birthday and I had to fight back tears.  How did I get so lucky to be your mom?

You are crazy and stubborn.  A little OCD and a major perfectionist.  You are known to be a bit of a whiner and have an attitude from time to time.  But, you are also crazy smart.  Handsome like your Daddy.  You have a wild imagination.  You are sensitive and compassionate.  You have a huge heart and a love for life.  You are silly and love to laugh.  You tell the best knock knock jokes known to man.  You make me laugh until I cry.

The other day you were very sad because you said that when you turn 4 you will have to move out of the house because you’ll be a man and you can’t live with your Mommy and Daddy when you are a man.  I want you to know that you can live with us until you are old and grey if that’s what makes you happy.  I will always love you as fiercely as I do now.  Even when you are as big as Daddy you will still be my baby.  Even when you are taller than me and I have to stand on my tippy toes to hug you, you will still be my baby.  Even when you have your own babies, you will still be my baby.  Nothing will ever, ever change that.

Thank you for making me a Mommy.  Thank you for making my life complete.  Thank you for loving me even when I am not perfect.  Thank you for letting me see the world through your eyes.  It’s a magical world and I’m so lucky to be a part of it.

I love you with my whole heart and soul, Brayden Bittel.  I am so, so proud of the boy you have become.




  1. Leah says

    Happy Birthday Brayden! He’s a real cutie, and sounds like an awesome kid. Were these pictures taken in your new studio?

  2. Mary says

    Happy Birthday, Brayden! Your mommy’s sweet letter brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for letting your mommy share her adventures with you. :) It’s been a joy to watch you grow through photos! <3

  3. Tessa Baker says

    Just cried like a baby! My little boy will be 5 in April and I will be a basket case in April! Happy Birthday Brayden!

  4. Leanne says

    Such a sweet sweet letter. Totally cried as I was reading this. It is amazing how much we love our


  5. Nitzalie says

    Happy Birthday Brayden:) What a beautiful post. I’m a fairly new follower and this may be my very first time commenting, but your letter was just so sweet. Love your photos, love your blog!
    Nitzalie´s last blog post ..Be Mine

  6. Meghan says

    Happy Birthday 4th Brayden! Drew, your Mommy Letters bring me to tears (big time tears) every time. My three boys are the lights of my life and I secretly hope they live with us forever ;)
    Meghan´s last blog post ..MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  7. Oh Drew! He suddenly looks so grown up! Love these pictures :) Happy Birthday to Brayden!!!
    Bobbie Brown´s last blog post ..Mya

  8. Tira J says

    Awe, such a sweet message to your little man. Happy Birthday Brayden!

  9. Karen Weaver says

    This was about the age Cole fell in love with that cute girl up the street! He’s so cute!

  10. Happy Birthday to your little boy!

  11. Angela Boone says

    {Mom of 3 1/2 yr old girl crying my eyes out}

  12. Jessica says

    What a sweetheart little boy! And a huge thank you for sharing the letter too. It made my cry because I’ve had far more frustrating days than fun ones lately with my kids. Your letter reminds me that their quirks make them part of the amazing kids they are, and that they are growing up and need me less and less but they are still my babies. Great great post!

  13. Poodlemom says

    Your son is so cute and I love that you make his birthdays so special!

    I used this idea to honor my poodle’s (yep, doggy mom here) 3rd birthday, and I wanted to share and thank you for such a cool site.

    But, I could not attach or email the images. ‘:(

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