My Wall of Happiness

It only took me 10 months to finish this project.  I started this gallery wall in my bedroom last June.  I waited to finish it until after Kennedy was born because I knew I’d want some pictures of her in it.  Kennedy was born in August.  Sigh.  And as you’ve probably seen in the background of a lot of my pictures it’s been unfinished for a long time!  So embarrassing.  But, I’m happy to say it’s finally done!

A couple of years ago I bought a ton of frames from Goodwill for this shoot.  I bought the frames with the super ugly prints and paintings.  I bought the most ornate ones I could find.  I love how pretty they are.

The 7 frames on this wall maybe cost $40.

I laid out all the frames I had on the floor and moved them around like puzzle pieces until they lined up the way I wanted.  Then I enlisted the husband to spray paint them and hang them for me.

The tricky part about some of these frames is that they aren’t standard print sizes.  So I had to order a standard size print and then cut it down.  In Photoshop I:

1)  Made a new document that was sized to the standard size print from my lab.  For instance, one of my frames had an opening of 19.5″ wide and 13.5″ tall.  That’s not a standard print size.  The next print size up is a 20×20.  So, I made a new document in Photoshop that was sized to 20×20:

2)  I then opened my print as a separate document and cropped it to 19.5″ wide and 13.5″ tall.  Since all images that come out of a DSLR camera are in a 4×6 ratio I knew that there would be a little cropping of my image.

3)  When I cropped the image it didn’t resize so I needed to do that next.  I went to “image” and then “image size” to resize the image to 19.5″ x 13.5″

4)  Lastly, I dragged that image onto the 20×20 document I created at the beginning.

5)  Just save that document and order the 20×20 print.  When I received it I cut it down to fit in the 19.5″ x 13.5″ frame!  Easy!

Here’s the finished product:

It makes me happy to wake up to this every morning!


  1. Marl says

    Well it looks great! I’ve been seeing bits of it in the backgrounds in your pictures…I was always like, “Ooh! I want to see that wall display!” Thanks for sharing!
    Marl´s last blog post ..Play Dough Activity Boxes

  2. Karlee says

    Looks fabulous! Love the idea of getting the frames at goodwill. You are super smart Drew! 🙂

  3. Michelle says

    So helpful! I bought two frames for our master a couple years ago then realized I couldn’t find mats or order prints in that size. Now I can solve it! I love the colors you chose…the wall looks great!

  4. Marla says

    What lab do you use to send to print…. want to make sure my colors come out as great as yours!!!!
    love your blog….. I am a mom of three and I shoot tons of photos of them also in the OC…… let me know if you do a mom and me work shop I will be there…….

  5. Sarah Jane says

    I so love it. You really have an eye for good angles and shoot. I wish I’d be as pro as you. How many years did you learn to do photo editing?

    Sarah Jane´s last blog post ..How To Pick Up Girls

  6. Pamala says

    You know, this is great! I hadn’t even thought of going to goodwill to get frames. I have nearly 10 pictures I need frames for but no money to actually purchase “real” frames. I plan to create a wall myself. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Megan says

    What kind of camera do you use? I am new to the photography world, but would love to take a class and begin a new hobby.

  8. LisaG says

    what is the name of this yellow??? Love it.