Our Day With the Wildflowers

6 to 7 months is the age that I tell all of my clients to get their family pictures taken with their babies.  It’s my favorite age.  My favorite, favorite, favorite age.  I love the gummy smiles, chubby hands, and baby giggles.  I try to get pictures of Kennedy and I together with my handy, dandy remote trigger.  But, I knew I wanted a real session to capture these fleeting moments.  These special mommy / baby girl moments.  I knew I wanted gorgeous light, pretty dresses, a dreamy field, and my Grandma’s quilt.  And I also knew Joy from Wildflowers Photography (the very talented photographer behind the UP themed engagement session that’s ALL over Pinterest) had to be the one to photograph the session.

She lives in a dream world complete with chickens, boats, home grown produce, and three beautiful children.  Joy just makes everything seem oh, so pretty.  Kennedy and I took a little road trip yesterday to visit Joy in her dreamland and I was not disappointed.  I feel that so many people who have a big online persona are such a let down in real life.  It’s so much easier to be funny and cool behind a computer than it is in real life.  (Disclaimer: I am totally uncool online and in real life!).  Joy is just as wonderful in person as she seems online.  She is calm and easy going.  She makes you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the world.  Her real life is just as dreamy in person.  Her kids are just as cute and even funnier in real life.  I can’t comment on the chickens because, sadly, I did not see the chickens.  Next time!

*** iphone pic taken by 5 year old Gracie :)

Joy gave Kennedy and I such a special gift.  These pictures are better than anything I could have every dreamed in my wildest imagination.  I don’t even have the words to express my gratitude.  I just hope Kennedy will treasure these images of us one day as well.  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, Joy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joy and her family are going on a road trip up the California coast and into Oregon and they leave on Wednesday!  They will be shooting a few sessions along the way.  If you live anywhere along her route I beg you to book her.  It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.  I want you and your family to be able to experience being in front of her lens and having magical photos that you will treasure forever too!


  1. Judy says

    You must of been sobbing after seeing these pictures. They are not mine and they bring a tear to my eye. They are just incredible!!

  2. Amory says

    You have the best hair for that session! For sure Kennedy will treasure these for always!

  3. Amber says

    Oh these are beautiful Drew! I love the one of you and Kennedy sitting in front of the window the best. But these all have beautiful light. The softness is dreamy. What a special gift for your girl!!

  4. Kathleen says

    Wow. Those are beautiful.

  5. shara says

    absolutely gorgeous. what a beautiful memory for you and your daughter to treasure forever.
    shara´s last blog post ..hello, march!

  6. Oh Drew these are gorgeous, I love the 2nd one. Amazing work Joy!

  7. Kelly says

    I love every single picture, but the 5th one down (not including Gracie’s :)), literally took my breath away! Beautiful, serene, sincere. LOVE IT!

  8. Nikki says

    These pics of you and K are just too precious! I am SO glad you posted this! My little one will be 6 mos. in April and you confirmed my decision to get her pics :) Will you refer me to the shops you got K’s dresses? Love the sweet details…

  9. Laura H. says

    Drew, those are BEAUTIFUL. I am glad for you that you had the resources available to you to make this a reality.

  10. DrewB says

    Nikki – The yellow dress is a vintage dress I found at a craft fair. The blue dress is from Peek Aren’t You Curious.

  11. Amanda says

    I love the one by the window! Where is the skirt that you are wearing from?


  12. DrewB says

    It’s a dress from Ruche.

  13. Amanda says

    Thanks! Sad they don’t have it anymore.

  14. I just came over from Pinterest. This is such a beautiful photo shoot!

    I absolutely love your baby’s headband in that first and third photo… I would love to find one like it for my daughter. Can you tell me if you made it or where you bought it – where I might find a similar one? I’ve been scouring Etsy – but there are so many on there, it’s overwhelming trying to find particular ones. And I love how delicate that one is. (Thanks!)

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