Chain Gang

I was inspired to make a paper chain backdrop after seeing this awesome dessert table backdrop on Pinterest.

I originally made it for a sweet one year old’s birthday shoot, but after all the work I put into it I decided to use it for Kennedy’s Easter pictures as well.

We all know how to make paper chains.  Super easy.  Although it was a bit more time consuming than I expected.  This backdrop took me 3 hours to make.  If you have older kids this would be an awesome project to get their help with.  And a paper cutter also is super helpful!

I strung my paper chains on my backdrop stand in my studio, but you could easily attach them to the ceiling or even tape or pin them to a wall.

Overall, a super easy project and I love the outcome!


  1. katie s says

    Way cute! I’m thinking of doing this for a church party I have coming up…I just need to find 3 hours of uninterrupted (ha!) time to make them :)

  2. Julie says

    So rad. Worth each and every of the 180 minutes it took. So glad you used it again. Now to think of 58 more uses.
    Julie´s last blog post ..Happy Easter Sunday.

  3. SUCH a cute idea for a photo backdrop, especially for the little ones.
    I definitely will be doing this in the future.

  4. Angela says

    Amazing backdrop but, it does look super time consuming!
    Angela´s last blog post ..He is Risen!

  5. Gayle S says

    Love this! I saw it on yesterday’s post and was wondering how you did it! What a great idea!!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. alexandra says

    very creative and easy :)

  7. Abrie says

    This is such a cute idea! What kind of paper was used for it and where did you get that kind of paper?

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