Level It Out

A huge pet peeve of mine is when the “horizon” on a picture isn’t level.  I always do my best to get it right in camera.  But, when shooting kids sometimes that’s easier said than done.  Luckily, it’s easy to fix in Photoshop.  And it’s ridiculously easy to fix if you have Photoshop CS6.

Here’s an image from a recent session.

It kind of drives me crazy that it’s angled to the left.  I would like it if the lines of the cabinets and counter were straight.  So let’s fix it!

If you have Photoshop CS6 it just takes a few easy steps.

1)  Open your image and select your crop tool in the toolbar on the left.  Then, make sure “Original Ratio” is selected and click on “Straighten”.  You want “original ratio” to be selected so you keep the same ratio that your camera took the image with (4×6).

2)  Draw a line to select what level should be

3) Select “Image” and “Crop” to crop your image

And that’s it.  You’ve got your level image.  Super easy!

If you haven’t upgraded to Photoshop CS6 don’t fret.  It only takes a few more steps to level out that image.

1)  Open your image and select the “ruler” tool

2)  Draw a line to show what level should be

3)  Select “Image”, “Image Rotation” and “Arbitrary”.  This will rotate your image based on the angle you chose for it to be level.

4)  Click ok

5)  Next, select the rectangular marquee tool.  Be sure that the style is on “fixed ratio” and you have it set to 4×6 (or 6×4 if it’s a horizontal image).  This will ensure that the original ratio of the image is kept.

6)  Use the rectangular marquee tool to crop the image.

And now you have your beautiful and level image!


  1. Hannah says

    Thanks for this! I was making leveling alot more complicated for myself (and less accurate) than it needed to be. Super simple and super helpful!
    Hannah´s last blog post ..Yoga Yoga