Sawyer – 6 Months

I told Sarah at Sawyer’s newborn session that I was positive her 6 month session would go much better than her newborn shoot!  Sawyer had other plans for her newborn shoot and was too excited to do any sleeping 🙂 And I was right.  Sawyer’s 6 month shoot was a dream.

I LOVE working with this family.  They remind me why I love my job so much.  I’m not sure what Sarah and Jose did with their two older kids, Jacob and Riley, but they are two of the most awesome kids I’ve met.  They are so close as a family.  I love the way Jacob loves on his mom and can make Sawyer smile.  I love Riley’s shy smile and how you can tell she is so proud to be an older sister.  I want my kids to turn out just like Riley and Jacob.

I received this email from Sarah a few weeks ago that brought tears to my eyes.

“We received our pictures today and words cannot describe how much we love them.  I used to look at your pictures and think “wow Drew has the most beautiful clients ever!”  After working with you and seeing our amazing images I know that it is your talent that makes them so beautiful.  You have a way of capturing the light inside of your subjects and I am so grateful that we have had the DrewB experience.”

I’m so lucky to be able to do what I do and that I get to capture the connections of so many wonderful families.  Can’t wait to see this family soon for Sawyer’s one year pictures!



  1. Amber says

    Stunning pictures Drew! Love the mom’s comments and they are so true!!

  2. how sweet! it looks like everybody loves the baby but are good at sharing her:) What a perfect little baby girl!! beautiful family all around, and love the sunflare images too.