Mom*tog of the Week – Amy Lyon

You think it’s challenging trying to photography one baby on the move and a 4 year old.  Try twins and a 4 year old!  That’s exactly what our Mom*tog of the Week, Amy Lyon, does and does it so well!  I love how she tries to capture the perfect memories, but sometimes the perfect memories are imperfect.   And those are the shots that really make memories.

It was this sweet image that Amy captured after returning back to her babies from a long weekend away that really caught my attention.

So simple, yet so unbelievably sweet.  Totally pulls at my heartstrings.

Thanks for being our Mom*tog of the Week, Amy!

Name: Amy Lyon

Location: Raleigh, NC

Kids names and ages: Keat (4 1/2), June and Clara, (twins, 11 months)

Your blog or website:

Camera you shoot with: Nikon D700

Favorite lens: Nikkor 35mm f2. While it isn’t the most expensive or highest rated Nikkor prime lens, it has turned out to be my go to and rarely leaves my camera body. The 35mm focal length on my full frame body just works perfectly for capturing 3 constantly-moving kids in a variety of locations, light, etc. The 50mm was just to short of a focal length for my needs and my nice 24-70 f2.8 is just too dang big to carry around all the time. Plus, I’ve knocked my son in the head with it on more than one occasion when it was swinging from my hip. That’s not going to help him smile for pictures anytime soon.

What inspires you to keep blogging and taking pictures of your kids when I’m sure you are very busy?

We have family and friends scattered around the country that we just don’t see as much as we’d like to. Blogging is an easy way to keep them updated and it makes them feel like they aren’t missing out by not seeing us in person. That’s a big part of it. The other reason I do it is to “use” some of the millions of pictures I take everyday. I can only frame and display so much in our house, so I feel like the blog is an revolving frame that I can showcase. And aside from photography, the blog is always good for ranting or story telling.

If you could have any photographer mentor you, who would it be?

Just one? I can’t begin to pick just one. Let’s see…DrewB, Kelle Hampton, Millie Holloman, Jessica Claire, Rachel Henderson, Tina Wrona… to name a few. I have so much to learn still about photography and every one of those photographers brings something different to the table. Some bring perfectly exposed and beautifully sharp images and others are amazing at capturing the personality and spirit of their subjects. I’ll take advice and tips from any of those ladies anytime!

What do you find most challenging about photographing your children?

That’s easy…my children are what I find most challenging :) Ok, seriously, I think the multiple subject factor is the hardest. Before the girls, my son was the center of our world and our pictures. I learned a lot as he got older on shooting manually and finding the best natural light. Then the girls came a long and now I have to make sure everyone is in focus, not crying and not whining, I don’t even try to get them all to smile or look at the camera and I just hope they are in decent light when it’s time to shoot. I’ve learned you have to just roll with it and shoot a lot. After all, the spontaneous crying shots are sometimes the funniest shots you get.

What piece of photography equipment is on your holiday wish list?

You know, since I’m not a pro, I’m (finally) pretty happy with what’s in my bag, but if money were no object and Santa really did exist, I’d probably ask for the Nikon D800 and Nikkor 35mm f1.4. Yeah, I’ll keep on dreaming.


  1. Amy L. says

    Thanks, Drew! One quick typo from my portion. I mentioned the Nikkor 24-70mm “f2″ when I meant to say “f2.8.” Small error on my part, but I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up so I figured I’d correct now!
    Amy L.´s last blog post ..Halloween 2012

  2. Nicole says

    What an adorable little family you have. I absolutely love the Halloween choice, too cute! Hope you have a great day :)

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