Happy Birthday, Chuck!

Happy birthday to the best human jungle gym, tickle monster, pancake maker, Lego builder, story time reader, bed time tucker inner, Christmas light hanger, daddy, and husband we could ever ask for!  We love you!


  1. Jan says

    i absolutely adore these! i love how i feel like i’m actually in the room with your family taking in the joy in the air! i’d love to learn more about how you achieve such true whites and brightness without overexposing. i must be missing something completely in my photographs, especially indoor shots. i’ve been playing around with spot metering but still using auto white balance. perhaps that’s my issue? also, if your previous post, how did you get the action to stop like that at 1/160? amazing! i love the way you’re capturing true moments. thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  2. That 2nd shot speaks to me! I LOVE both of these though!

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