Baby Carter – In and Out of the Oven

I’ve had the good fortune of photographing the Cilderman family 3 times in just about 9 months.  Right after our first shoot Heather found out they were expecting baby number three!  Their maternity shoot was my last shoot before I took a little break for the holidays.


Little Carter was born a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, but he is just perfect.  Such a sweet and happy baby.  I got more smiles out of him than I have any other baby.

It’s really cool to see Ryland and Brynn with Carter.  Brynn especially since this is her first time being an older sibling.  It’s amazing to see her love on her baby brother.  She seems to have grown a lot since I saw her just a couple of months ago.

Now, I think they should get started on number four so we can schedule a few more shoots ;)  Congrats Heather and Matt!  Carter is perfect and thank you for allowing me to document these important times in your lives!


  1. brandi says

    Your work is amazing! Is that quilt yours and if so, where is it from????

  2. drewb says

    Brandi – it’s not mine. His mom made it for him :)

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