Brayden’s 5th Birthday Pictures – Behind the Scenes

Last year’s birthday pictures were a little hard to top.  This year Brayden wanted an art gallery birthday party so I took off with that theme and decided he needed to paint a huge mural on my studio wall.  The set up was easy.  Just a roll of white seamless paper.  We attached two rows of the seamless to the walls with push pins and to the floor with painters tape.

Brayden wanted to paint a rainbow.  It was messy and fun.  Of course we had to help a little, but he loved being able to do some of it all by himself.

After we had set everything up I realized the background wasn’t wide enough for me to get a good wide shot.  It’s an easy fix though.  Especially with solid colored backdrops.

Simply select the area you want to extend with the rectangular marquee tool (the square with the dashed lines).  Make sure the “style” is set to “normal” and not “fixed ratio”.

Then press “command t” (control t for PC) for free transform.  I held down the “shift” key and then dragged the right side all the way to the right side of the image.  I pressed enter when I was done.

The other side is a little more difficult because there is less area to work with.  The good thing is you don’t need a lot of area to work with.

I pressed “command t” again and held down the shift key and dragged the left side this time.

Looks pretty good to me!  Lastly, I used the spot healing brush to fix the seam where the two papers meet.  And that’s it!

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  1. Steph Connor says

    What a great tutorial and even better pics! Do you have any tips on how to make sure the white seamless paper actually looks white in your final image? Every time I use white seamless and shoot with natural light, it ends up being a dull color even when setting a custom white balance. Thanks!

  2. So easy to extend the background! Great looking photos! Can’t even tell it wasn’t a real backdrop on the sides.

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