Dance Like No One Is Watching

Happy 18 Month Birthday Kennedy!  How are you closer to 2 rather than 1?  You are such a person now with distinct likes and dislikes.  And you have NO issues with letting us know what you don’t like!

You love wearing skirts.  I have to hide them from you so you won’t demand I dress you in them everyday.  You love talking on the phone and have long conversations with anyone who will listen.  You are obsessed with Dora and I can’t figure out why.  You call Daddy “Mama” and I’m not sure if I should be insulted by this.  You love Mickey Mouse and call him “Mo Mo”.  You are in LOVE with your puppy and call him “Bow Wow”.  You are obsessed with cats even though we don’t have one and you have never even really seen a cat in real life.  You’ve been practicing your animal sounds and are getting so good!  You say “Uh Oh” when you see me.  Again, not sure if I should be insulted by this.  You are Miss Independent and love to play in your room by yourself.  You can entertain yourself longer than your brother can.  You love to dance.  Your favorite song is “Call Me Maybe” and we have family dance parties to that song regularly.  You really do dance like no one is watching and I hope you always do.  You hate holding my hand and throw embarrassing fits when I ask you to hold my hand in parking lots.  You will try just about any food and love to eat.  You always play with your hair.  Particularly when you’re tired.  This is a bit frustrating after spending so much time doing your hair.  I love the way you push your hair out of your face.  You are completely and totally fearless.  Which has led to several injuries.  Most of the time when you get hurt you just say, “Ow!!!”.  Rather than crying.  You are a tough chick.

Your dad and I will just look at you and comment on how beautiful you are.  Your smile is infectious.  You make us SO happy and I don’t know how I ever thought our family was complete without you.  We love you so ridiculously much, Kennedy Ann!



*** Canon 5D Mark II, 50 1.2

F 2.0, 1/200, ISO 400

IMG_0760 copy


  1. Jamie B says

    OMG, have I ever told you that Liam does that same thing to me in parking lots!!!! So embaressing. But he’ll always hold Aiden’s hand. :)
    Jamie B´s last blog post ..Wall of Love Notes

  2. My love following your blog, but I think my favorite posts are these letters to your kiddos. You write so incredibly well! I hope you are adding these special notes into their books, as these are memories to hold onto forever! Thank you for sharing the love of your child and their innocent love for life.

  3. kendall says

    haha your letters to your babies always crack me up and/or make me cry. I love that she says ‘uh oh’ when she sees you, and also that she plays in her room all by herself. That’s what I did; all day long every day of my life. I’d play barbies, school, house… I bet she is building such a creative imagination! I always thought that I was “stubborn”, but my parents say that I just knew what I wanted. Kennedy is going to be such a strong person :)

  4. Kaley says

    Such a sweet picture! My 3 year old’s favorite song is “Call Me Maybe” as well, except she thinks it says “Call Me Avery” and asks me how they made a song about her. :) I love kids.
    Kaley´s last blog post ..The Easiest Cloth Napkins

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