August Camp Mom*tog Registration

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What: Camp Mom*tog with DrewB and Julie Carson from Joy’s Hope

When:  August 24 noon – whenever we are done

Where:  Yorba Linda, CA

Cost:  $375

There were two things we learned from the first Camp Mom*tog.  1)  Take a group picture.  How did we forget to take a group picture?  And 2)  We needed more time.  6 hours just wasn’t enough.

For this Camp Mom*tog we are going to go from 12 to whenever we are done.  For those that have to leave because of nursing babies and prior obligations, we will be done with the crafting / photography around 7.  But, for those that can stay we will be serving dinner and we will just have more time to chat and get to know each other.  Because no one wanted that first Camp Mom*tog to end.

Please remember, this is a basic photography workshop with two awesome photography related crafts.  If you are already shooting on manual this is not the workshop for you.  If you are a professional photographer this is not the workshop for you.  We will not be discussing any business related topics.  What we will be discussing on the photographer side:

–  The settings on your camera that you can set and forget.

–  Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and how they relate to one another.

–  How to find the light.

–  Shooting with good and bad light.

–  How to tell a story with your images.

–  And we will be putting all of the things we learn into practice with our real kid models.  I show you both bad and good light and how I work with light to get my images to look the way they do.

In addition, you get access to both Julie and I in our private Facebook page.  The Facebook page has been great for any questions that come up after you come home and start putting everything you learned into practice.  And it helps us all just stay in touch 🙂

To read reviews from past Camp Mom*tog attendees and to sign up click here!  We would love to have you!


  1. Sarah Roman says

    I can’t wait! I was so sad I missed out on the first one- it looked amazing!

  2. I have been trying to start photography classes in my area & have been having a rough go of getting people to commit. I am so inspired by the idea of your bootcamp & I definitely think it is something that would go over well in my area. Thanks so much for being transparent & inspiring us other photographers to push ourselves.