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We went on a road trip a few weeks ago.  1800 miles in 8 days.  It was rad.  More on that soon.

I got to sneak in a little work and I invited myself for a tour at Mpix.  We just so happened to be passing through Pittsburg, Kansas.  As I was researching places to stop for the night in between Oklahoma City and Kansas City I saw Pittsburg on the map and knew the name sounded familiar.  That’s because it’s the return address on all of my print orders.

Some of you may have seen my kid’s or my clients in their product shots.  And I do a little blogging for them from time to time as well.  I was first contacted by Mpix about 2 years ago.  Shortly after Kennedy was born.  You guys, I have never worked with a nicer group of people.  From the very first conversation I had I was so impressed by their knowledge of the business.  Every single person I have had contact with at Mpix and Miller’s are just the kindest people.  And, I like to patronize businesses that are employing lots of great people.  Don’t you?

I wasn’t disappointed on my tour.  Everyone that I met in person was equally as nice.  One thing that struck me is that when employees are trained they are taught to look at your images.  They are expected to take a minute and appreciate a great image when they see one.  They are told that if they can’t find something to be inspired by while working then maybe that job isn’t for them.  Everyone at this company has an appreciation for photography.  And because of that they are taking extra great care of your images.

The attention to detail astounded me.  Every little detail is scrutinized my Mpix and Millers.  For instance, this twine.  It just looks like normal everyday twine, right?  It took them 5 weeks to find the perfect twine which will work the best with their new Thumbprint Boxes.  They think of solutions to problems before the problem happens.

mpix1 copy

And all of those gallery wraps and accordion minis you order.  Guess what?  Done by  hand.  If you were like me you just assumed they were done by a machine.  Nope.  All done by  hand.

mpix7 copy

mpix6 copy

And they are so labor intensive.  Because this canvas wrap didn’t bleed (go all the way to the edges) it has to be perfectly centered.  That takes skill.

mpix8 copy

mpix3 copy

Another thing that I loved is that their Luxe frames are all manufactured locally in Pittsburg.  Made in the USA.  LOVE that!

mpix2 copy

This is where they process all the orders that come in.  It’s very, very quiet in here.

mpix5 copy

There is a strict no policy of taking pictures of pictures, but I was so impressed by the amazing work I saw while I was there.  There are really a lot of talented photographers out there!

I’m so thankful I got to see where my prints are made.  It makes me happy to know my work is being treated with so much love.  Thanks, Mpix!


  1. Kimberly says

    Very cool to see a behind the scenes! I have ordered a few times from Mpix and have been very pleased with the end result.

  2. Catherine says

    I love Mpix! They are super fast with delivery and I’ve never been disappointed with quality. But the customer service is what has me coming back time and time again. I refer everyone to them for prints.

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