365. What’s Next?


For (most of) the past 731 days I have taken a picture of one of my kids for their respective 365/366 day projects.  It has been awesome/challenging/tedious/fun.  I am so happy I did it.

So many of you have asked what’s in store for 2014.  The answer, nothing.  For 2014 I am looking forward to leaving my phone behind.  Not having to have it with me at all times to capture the perfect moment.  I am looking forward to a little less social media everyday.  Maybe even skipping a few days of Instagram here and there.  I am looking forward to getting my big camera out more and capturing more of those moments with it.

Brayden’s challenge was much harder than Kennedy’s.  Kennedy was easy.  She was learning and doing new things everyday.  I loved how I really had to get creative with Brayden.  I really had to think about it and force myself to get outside the box when you are limited to just your iPhone.  I think it has made me a better photographer.  It has made me think about light and angles in a different way.  I am thankful for that and thankful that I have so many mundane memories recorded that i know won’t be mundane in 5 or 10 or 20 years from now.

My advice, if you are thinking about doing a 365 project, go for it.  You won’t regret it.  You don’t need to do one of those million projects with prompts that are out there.  Just make it your own.  Make it your memories.  There will be days you want to quit and give yourself a break on those days.  If you don’t want to take a picture then don’t.  I missed several days in both of my kids projects.  And in the end it doesn’t matter.  It’s your project.  You make the rules.

Thank you all for following along.  It has been fun sharing the memories with you and seeing how many of you have started your own projects!

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