Mom*tog Holiday Gift Guide – For the Boy


Besides the Legos and Hot Wheels, here are some gifts Brayden has had his eye on!

1 – Oliver Jeffers Books – We love Oliver Jeffers.  They are fun books and are fun for parents to read!  Our favorite is Stuck.  Both of my kids laugh hysterically when this book is read to them!

2 – Pinhole Press Memory Game – Brayden loves games and I think he will be so surprised to see his pictures on this custom game of memory.  He will think it’s so fun and I love the print quality of the pictures!

3 – Pinhole Camera Kit – I might have bought this present more for me than for him.  I thought it would be a fun project to work on together.

4 – Kiwi Crates – Brayden got a subscription to Kiwi Crates last year for Christmas and these things keep him entertained for hours.  He’s old enough where he can follow most of the instructions on his own and I love the fun and unique crafts that get delivered right to our door.

5 – Tegu Blocks – I recently discovered these magnetic blocks and I am so excited for Brayden to open these on Christmas morning.  I ordered the small starter kits for both kids plus a set of wheels for Brayden.  I love the story behind this company and how they support reforestation in Honduras.  In 2012 Tegu planted 983 trees for every tree that was harvested!  I’m hoping we can take these out to a restaurant and have a nice, quiet meal for once.  Is that asking too much?

6 – Q & A a Day – I came across this book for kids at Anthropologie.  It asks 365 questions for 3 years.  Since Brayden is just starting to write I thought this would be a fun project.  To see how his writing progresses and how his answers change.

7 – Yubo Lunch Box – A lunch box for Christmas?  I know.  I think it’s kind of boring.  But, Brayden was up late one night watching Shark Tank with us and saw this lunch box and he was so excited about it.  The plates are interchangeable and can be personalized.  All of the parts pop out and can go in the dishwasher so it’s easy to clean.  Brayden’s lunch box is always so gnarly.  I’m excited to get this and try it out.  And I love that when his interests change we can just order new plates and don’t have to get an entire new lunch box!

8 – Micro – Fone – Who needs cell phones?  I love this retro toy and can just imagine Brayden having so much fun with it in the backyard.  Restoration Hardware is currently sold out, but I was able to score one on Ebay.



  1. Sarah says

    Thanks so much for your blog! i’ve really enjoyed your photos so far and i am feeling inspired to try out new poses and lighting with my own kids. Oh and thanks for your wish lists, can i just say- GENIOUS!