Mom*tog Holiday Gift Guide – Little Girl



Just some of my Kennedy’s favorite things plus some of the things Santa will be bringing her this year.


1 – Pippy Lou Boutique – Kennedy is obsessed with dresses.  Obsessed.  They have to have the right amount of twirl and girliness to them.  Both Kennedy and I love the dresses from Pipppy Lou Boutique.  They are fun, pretty, and affordably priced.  If you have a tall girl like me order a size up.  Kennedy’s 2T dresses are already a bit short on her!

2 – My Mom Snaps – I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  If you have a kid who hates having their pictures taken get this book!  It is beautifully illustrated and it will help get your kids excited about taking pictures.  Love this book!

3 – Gothic City Blocks – I had this same exact set of blocks when I was a kid.  Or maybe they were my brother’s.  I don’t remember.  What I do remember was playing with them for hours on end.  Kennedy loves blocks.  She loves stacking them as high as she can.  It’s the only thing that keeps her attention for more than a few minutes.  I know both of my kids will have fun building with these blocks.

4 – Very Chic Baby Princess Dresses – Kennedy is not just obsessed with normal dresses.  She is also obsessed with princess dresses.  Or, “lella” dresses as she calls them.  I am not so obsessed with the shiny material and cheesy pictures of the princesses on the store bought dresses.  I first bought Kennedy a dress from Very Chic Baby for Halloween 2011.  I love the halter style of the dress.  It grows with her and she can still fit into that dress from last year.  Santa might be bringing her Rapunzel and Alice in Wonderland this year.

5 – Petite Creature Cubes – Puzzels also do a good job of keeping Kennedy’s attention.  Blocks + a puzzle are sure to be a winner.  Plus I love this sweet vintage design.

6 – Strider Bike – My girl loves being outside.  Brayden had this bike when he was her age and while he’s not quite as an outdoorsy of a kid as Kennedy is he loved it.  Kennedy is going to freak when she sees this under the tree in pink.  I should probably buy her some knee pads too…

7 – Sweet Littles Handmade Dolls – I started a collection of redhead dolls for my redhead girl and the doll from Sweet Littles Handmade is by far my favorite.  My only regret is that I would have ordered the Heirloom doll where Katy can incorporate a clothing item from your child or even from a parent or grandparent into the doll.  How sweet is that?

8 – Flatout Frankie – I love toys where my kids can use their imaginations.  These animal heads (they come in a unicorn and a dinosaur) are perfect for just that.  I love that they are eco friendly.  And what girl doesn’t need a unicorn?





  1. Jocelyne says

    We’ve got an orange Strider bike that will be under our tree for the two-year-old. He walked right up to Santa and said he wanted a bike & helmet. It wasn’t our original plan, but it is now. Glad to know we picked a good one 🙂

  2. Melanie says

    Thanks for the ideas! I just ordered the Memory game for my niece and nephew!

  3. I am catching up on all your blog posts – it’s been awhile! And I want you to know that I think I just pinned about 90% of this stuff – the Gift Guide for both boy and girl! LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing! And, I am loving all your posts and pictures – I won’t be commenting on them all – just know I love ’em!
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