Mom*tog Holiday Gift Guide

momtoggiftguideI am a firm believer of doing one holiday at a time (and I’m just too darn busy to be able to multi task this time of year).  So, now that Thanksgiving over I can finally start thinking about Christmas!  This week I’ll be featuring some gift guides for all the important people in your life.  First up is us, the Mom*togs!  Because we really are the most important 🙂  These are some of my favorite photography related gifts this year!

1 – Joby Ultrafit Sling Strap – No, this strap is not pretty.  It doesn’t have some cool design.  But, it’s functional for those who carry their cameras around with them a lot.  No more smacking your kids in the head with your camera when you bend over.  You can have your camera on you at all times so you are ready to capture those moments at a moments notice.  It’s comfortable and made for women’s curves.  I love, love, love my Joby Sling Strap and won’t ever be going back to normal camera straps again!

2-  MotoX – If you are looking for an alternative to iPhones this is it.  Earlier this fall, AT&T sent me a code to customize my own Moto X.  While it took me some time to get used to using an Android phone I really liked it once I did.  My favorite feature by far is the twist and take.  You can twist your wrist twice and the camera appears without having to unlock your phone!  How many times have you missed a moment because you couldn’t get to your phone fast enough?

One of my least favorite features of the iPhone is Siri.  I just turned her off.  So, I was reluctant to try the Google Now voice feature on the MotoX.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked and how easy it is.  It can even recognize my voice when my kids are screaming in the same room!  It’s great for driving and keeping your hands free and you and your passengers safe.

Lastly, I love how I could customize everything about the phone.  The back, the buttons, even the wallpaper were all customizable.  And it’s even assembled in tthe US.  It’s a great phone!

3 – Canon 50 1.4 – This is the go to lens for Mom*togs.  If you don’t have it in your camera bag put it at the top of your list.  The 50 1.4 is great for shooting in low light with no flash.  While it’s more expensive than the 1.8 you will be very pleased with the difference in quality.  And, if Santa has the extra cash go for the 50 1.2.  It’s my favorite lens.

4 –  Ona Camera Bag – I came across this camera bag recently and I love how comfy it looks.  And I love how it doesn’t look like a camera bag.  Looks like there is plenty of space to throw in a couple of diapers and sippy cups as well!

5 – Mpix Thumbprint Photo Box – Do you love Instagram as much as I do?  I love the Thumbprint Box from Mpix to display my Instagram pics, although it can be used for your normal prints as well.  I opted for the 10 mounted prints versus the 50 normal prints.  The mounted prints were much better for displaying.  The box comes with 4 small easels to display your pictures.  This is great for Mom*togs and also for grandparents!

6 – Artifact Uprising – Speaking of Instagram, I finally got Kennedy’s Project 365 book printed and I LOVE it.  Artifact Uprising has books specifically made for Instagram prints.  The interface is SO easy and I was able to make the whole book in less than half an hour.  No Photoshop involved!

7 – Click Magazine – Click Magazine is the magazine for photograpHERs.  It is specifically made for Mom*togs.  There are tons of helpful tips and tricks from all of  your favorite photographers.  You will be so excited each time you see a new issue in your inbox!

8 – The UNmanual – I have to add in a shameless plug for my UNmanaul.  This guide covers everything from aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to how to find the light and make it work for you in a clear and concise way.  This is everything I teach in my Mom*tog Mentoring Sessions as well as at Camp Mom*tog.  And it now includes access to our private Facebook page where you can ask questions related to the guide and post images for critique (if you’ve bought it in the past and would like an invite just shoot me an email!).  With over 1000 copies of the UNmanual sold, I am proud that it has helped so many Mom*togs capture better images of their families!   Last day of the Black Friday weekend sale going on until Monday 12/2 at midnight!  No code needed.  



  1. Jocelyne says

    Do you know how the regular photos would display on the easel for the mpix thumbprint box? I’m thinking grandparents and know they’d prefer quantity over quality but I’m just to sure…

  2. DrewB says

    I think it would work fine. The mounted just look so nice. The normal prints might be a little flimsy on the stand…

  3. Jocelyne says

    Thanks! I ordered mounted for my husband’s desk at work since he gets quality 🙂

    For the grandparents I went ahead and did the 50 prints. Mpix suggested putting about 10 prints in the easel. My other thought was to cut a piece of matte board a touch smaller than the print to include for the stands. I just know that the grandparents would want gobs of photos to ones nicely mounted.

  4. Lindsey says

    I am so excited that you posted this and reiterated that I made the right decision by asking for the Canon 50 1.4 for Christmas! I have a Canon Rebel T2i and have been searching for a lens that would do exactly what I want it to do while I capture my 8-month old’s moments 🙂

  5. Julia says

    Thank you for posting!! I’m looking for the perfect camera bag for Christmas and I think I just found it!