The Night Before Christmas

Kennedy is adamant that Santa will not be coming down our chimney.  She does not want Santa anywhere near our house.  “No Santa!  No Santa in Chimney!  Kenny no like Santa!  No cookies for Santa!”.  I don’t blame her.  I mean.  I wouldn’t want a creepy old man sneaking into my house in the middle of the night either.  Even if he was bringing me gifts.

Brayden is our rule follower.  He has never cried when seeing Santa.  Not once.  Kennedy is our non rule following child.  She screams bloody murder every time we see Santa.  And this year didn’t disappoint.  I only wish this picture would have made it onto Ellen’s Instagram.

AFA7445I’m glad we didn’t fight the mall traffic to go to the better Santa.  It was worth getting the lower image quality because I knew this would happen.

Despite her hatred of Santa, it has been a fun Christmas with Kennedy.  Everything is “Christmas!  Look Mama, Christmas!”.  Driving with her at night is the best because she is enchanted with everything.

I’m excited to see her reaction in the morning.  I don’t think she quite gets that there are presents inside that wrapping paper.  I find her messing with the gifts often, but she mostly just likes to take the ribbons and bows off.  She hasn’t opened one… yet!

Merry Christmas Eve!  I hope it’s magical!

*** Canon 5D Mark II

50 1.2

F 2.0, 1/125, ISO 1000

Mom*tog TipRemember to get the bokeh (blur) of the lights move your subject farther away from them and shoot with a wide aperture.  If you are shooting with a zoom lens, zoom it out as far as possible (the widest it will shoot) and then move closer to your subject.  You can see in the first picture, Kennedy is farther away from the tree and the lights are blurred.  In the second picture she is closer to the tree and the lights are not nearly as blurred even though my settings were exactly the same.  You will also get more bokeh when you are closer to your subject.  Try it!  Shooting lights on the Christmas tree is my favorite!

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  1. Jamie B says

    OMG, love love love that last shot!! And her hair…. is the length starting to straighten out the curls, or did you get a new product for it? Or is it that it’s just freshly done? It’s adorable!!
    Jamie B´s last blog post ..Halloween Recap

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