We’re Building a Studio! Week 1

If you follow me over on Instagram you may know by now that we are building a studio on our property!  It’s been a dream of mine to have a studio at my house and after first having a very small space to shoot in my old house and then leasing two different studios over the past three years I think I know what I want and need in a space. At least I hope I do.  It’s such a huge investment and I’m nervous about the final product!

Our house is a 93 year old Craftsman home and has a detached one car garage with a guest room (and bathroom) attached to it.  Behind that was a shed that we think was used to dry nuts from the macadamia nut tree in our yard.  The current guest room will be my client meeting area / hangout area and where the shed was will be the new studio.

We started this process before we even moved in.  We had to hire an architect that was knowledgeable about historic homes.  And then we started the long process of finding a contractor.  We hired a contractor right after Christmas and our plans were FINALLY approved by the city this past Thursday.

This is what the space looked like last Monday (I waited until that morning to take the “before” pictures, hence the crappy light).

IMG_4322 copy

We knew from looking on the inside that there was an old barn door and our contractor was able to salvage it.  I plan on using it as a photography backdrop or we will use it on the chicken coop we are going to build in a few months.

IMG_4321 copy

This is what it looked like at the end of day 1.  I love seeing the original exterior wall.  Our house originally had 40 acres of orange groves so I love just imagining the farm equipment that came in out of where the barn door was.

IMG_4328 copy

And this is what it looks like at the end of week 1.  They broke up the existing slab and have dug the trench for where the new electrical lines will go underground.

IMG_4573 copy

We have our first inspection tomorrow (fingers crossed!) and the whole process is supposed to take 8 weeks.  So far we haven’t run into any huge problems, but we anticipate there will be some with such an old structure.

It really is a dream come true.  I can’t wait to get my clients in here!


  1. Ohhhh! Drew I am so happy for you!!!!!!! I will be following your progress so please post lots of pix!!

  2. Katy says

    Oh man, you keep me so inspired to dream! I’m excited to see how everything turns out!

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