Worth the Risk

When I checked on Kennedy in the baby monitor and I saw her legs completely sticking out of her crib, I decided it was worth the risk of waking her up to get a shot of it.  My plan is to keep her in her crib until she goes off to college, but I’m guessing my plan might not be realistic.  It will be sad to not have a baby in a crib.  Besides a few months when I was pregnant with Kennedy that crib has been in our house the past 6 years.  I’m in no rush for her to get a big girl bed and she is still content.  So, crib it is.  For a few more months at least.

Canon 5D Mark II, 50 1.2

F 2.0, 1/125, ISO 1600 (for all 3 pics)

IMG_4621 copy



IMG_4628 copy


IMG_4633 copy


  1. My little girl is 26 months and still happy in her crib so I plan to keep her there for as long as possible. She has black out curtains so I could never get a shot like this. So precious.

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