Creation of a Wall Gallery

We recently moved into a 92 year old Craftsmen home, which we just love. But, with 92 year old homes comes 92 year old dry wall and hanging anything heavy on the walls becomes a bit of a liability living in earthquake country. In our old home we had a gallery wall of frames above my daughter, Kennedy’s, crib. We didn’t feel it was safe to do that here so I opted to go frameless for this gallery wall. When I saw the Framers from Mpix I knew they would be perfect for the gallery wall in her new room. No heavy frames and no glass.

When I start creating a gallery wall I gather all of the items that will potentially be hung.


Sometimes I do all pictures, but for Kennedy’s wall I wanted it to be a combination of her favorite things. Pictures of some of her favorite people so she could look at them before falling asleep. Some momentos we’ve picked up along the way like a dream catcher we bought on our recent road trip through the Great Plains. And some quotes that hung in her old nursery.

To read the post in it’s entirety head on over to the Mpix Blog. 

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