The original UNmanual was released three and a half years ago and has sold close to 1000 copies.  It was more wildly successful than I could have ever imagined and hearing that it has helped so many of you capture the memories of your family so easily and effortlessly makes me so happy.  Because that’s how it should be.

It’s been quiet here on the blog not because I have nothing to share with you, but because I have been pouring myself into creating the UNmanual2.


The UNmanual2 is something I’ve been dreaming up for quite some time.  I wanted Mom*togs to be able to see how I interact with my own kids when I shoot, what the environment I shoot in looks like, and how I use light.  My kids, my house.  Nothing special or fancy, but just how I photograph my kids living their lives and doing their thing.

The UNmanual2 consists of 13 video guides and reviews all of the basics from the original UNmanual, so if you did not purchase the original UNmanual don’t worry.  The UNmanual2’s lesson based structure will ensure that you too become a master of DSLR manual shooting.  If you did purchase the original UNmanual, the basics of DSLR manual shooting will be a nice review, but I’ve also added a lot of content for those of you who have mastered the basics and are looking to take your photography to the next level.

To compliment the UNmanual2 I will be releasing the UNmanual Editing Guide next week.  It will consist of video tutorials on how I use Photoshop to enhance my images and get them to look like a better version of everyday life.

For those of you who purchase the UNmanual2 on Black Friday you will receive the UNmanual Editing Guide (priced at $149) for free the second it’s released! No code needed.  It will be added to your course page automatically!  You can register for the UNmanual2 here.

Also, I released a course on how to improve your Phonetography.  It’s completely free.  Just my little gift to you.  You can register for that course here.  

I hope you enjoy the new UNmanual as much as I enjoyed creating it!


  1. toni shumaker says

    HI there! I’m super excited that I just purchased the unmanual2! Can’t wait to get started. Also, I purchased around 11:30pm Pacific time, in hopes of getting the editing manual for free per the Black Friday special. However, I noticed after I purchased, the blog said purchases had to be made by 11:59 EST. Wondering if that was a typo? Do I qualify for the free editing manual? thanks so much!

  2. DrewB says

    Hi Toni! It was a total typo. I don’t know if it autocorrected or if I was just so tired that I accidentally put EST. You are good 🙂 Thanks for your purchase!!!

  3. Adriane says

    Hi Drew!
    I bought the unmanual yesterday and am not able to sign in from my iPad. Is there a login link you can email me please.

    Thank you. Super excited to learn manual shooting with my Canon 6D.

  4. DrewB says

    Hi Adriane! I emailed you your login yesterday at 3:30. Did you check your spam box? Please let me know.

  5. Holly says

    Hi Drew! I’m loving the unmanual, and interested in improving my photography “toolkit”. I currently have a cannon rebel xsi and my best lens is the 28mm 1.8. I also have a 70-200 1.8. If I were ready to invest $1600, should I buy the 50mm 1.2 lens or a new camera body? I notice the 5D MarkII and the 50 1.2 are similarly priced. Also, would that be the next best step in body for me if going that route makes the most sense?


  6. DrewB says

    Hi Holly!

    That’s a bit of a hard call… I would almost suggest getting a new camera body and getting the 50 1.4. Then once you really feel like you are limited by the 50 1.4 get the 50 1.2. If you buy the 50 1.2 and use it with a Rebel body you are still going to be limited by your ISO.