Kids Take Over Instagram

B has recently begun to show an interest in social media.  He’s 6.  He loves texting and if I take a picture of him he asks if I’m going to post it on Facebook.  Which is funny because I rarely post things to Facebook.  In Kindergarten they even created their own mock Facebook pages.

Obviously social media isn’t going anywhere.  It’s here to stay.  And I don’t think kids are ever too young to start educating them on how to safely use social media.  Brayden also loves photography so I started thinking of a way to mesh these two lessons together and thats where #kidstakeoverinstagram was born.  I told him I’d let him take over my Instagram account one day a month.  A little social media / photography lesson all in one.  The first Saturday of every month I’d love to encourage moms to let their kids post on their accounts, which will foster a great discussion on the dos and don’ts of the internet as well as sharing our passion of photography with them.

Will you join me?  Saturday, January 3rd will be our first Kids Take Over Instagram.  Simply let your kids take pictures and post them on your Instagram account with the hashtag #kidstakeoverinstagram.  Brayden will be taking over my account and I’ll be giving some tips for your kids along the way.

Can’t wait to see what your kids come up with!



  1. Excellent idea, my kids are going to love this. Glad I noticed your post today, see you on Instagram!

  2. DrewB says

    Thanks for playing along!