Lego Box Tutorial

 Lego Box Tutorial |

These boxes are all over Pinterest.  But, seeing the response that my Facebook and Instagram post got last week I thought I would post a little tutorial on how I made ours.

I’m not sure who originated these boxes.  If you know please leave a comment because I would love to kiss their feet.  My kids LOVE their Lego boxes.  I made them before we went on a weekend getaway.  We really try and avoid electronic devices whenever possible and I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying a tote bag filled with coloring books and crayons.  My kids have grown a bit tired of that so I needed to find something new to occupy them so we could enjoy a meal in (relative) peace and quiet.  We had to wait an hour for a table on our trip and my kids didn’t complain.  Okay, maybe they complained once or twice.  But, really.  That’s practically nothing.

Spoiler alert – all of Brayden’s friends will be getting one of these for their birthdays this year.  Really I am just doing their parents a public service.

Lego Box Tutorial |

They are so easy to make.  I bought a metal lunchbox from Hobby Lobby for $6.99 (you can also find them on Amazon Prime) and you will also need a Lego Base Building Plate.  They can be found pretty much anywhere Legos are sold.

Next, I put the lunchbox on the Lego plate and used a Sharpie to mark where I needed to cut. I used regular old scissors to cut it and then I glued it to the top of the lunchbox with a glue gun.

Lego Box Tutorial |

We personalized it with some stickers.

Lego Box Tutorial | momtog.comAnd then added a small box of Legos.

Lego Box Tutorial | momtog.comWe met at Chickfila and both boys played with their Lego boxes instead of playing in the play area.  I think that alone says how much they love them.

Lego Box Tutorial |


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