Naps are for Babies (and Tired Adults)

Why is it that we can’t fully appreciate naps until we are adults?  If someone told me to go lay down I would thank them profusely and fall asleep the second my head hit the pillow.  Not scream and stomp up the stairs.  Kids!  They don’t even know how lucky they are.

*** Canon 5D Mark II, 50 1.2

F 2.0, 1/125, ISO 1600

When I want to take pictures of my kids sleeping, I am sure to have my settings set to what I think they should be before I walk in.  In this case I knew it was pretty dark in her room so I bumped my ISO up to 1600 and had my aperture open to let in more light.  After I get the shot, I then get more brave and open up windows if necessary and try different angles.  I also make sure that it’s time to wake up.  I will never wake a child for the sake of a picture.  No picture is worth that risk! 😉IMG_7965

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