That Time Kennedy Turned Two

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I can’t believe I never blogged this party.  Perhaps I had PTSD as we threw this party only 6 days after we moved into our house.  Because I apparently like to punish myself.  On the upside I got everything unpacked VERY fast!

Brayden is a Winter baby and I always envied our friends that could throw birthdays involving water.  In reality I probably could throw Brayden swimming parties because it ends up being warm.  But, there’s always that chance that it could rain.  Like at his second birthday.  Boy, did it rain that day!

Anyways, back to Kennedy.  I saw a pink ice cream truck and ran with that theme.  I mean, it was really more for me.  Because I LOVE ice cream and ice cream trucks.

The cake is, of course, from Beverly’s Best Bakery and was designed to match the cake on Kennedy’s birthday invitation.

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I used cotton candy to make the ice cream cone decorations on the table.

IMG_8894 copy

For the hanging ice cream cones I purchased small styrofoam balls and wrapped them in yarn securing with a glue fun.  Then I simply tied them on strings of yarn to make a garland.

IMG_8899 copy

You’ll see at my parties that I love a brown paper lunch bag for favors.  I printed on them simply using my home printer.  I find it easier to individually feed the bags through my printer.  Otherwise they get stuck.

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The bags included everything needed to make your own ice cream sundae.  Including a gift certificate to Baskin Robbins for a scoop of ice cream.

IMG_8905 copy

I used paper lanterns and scrapbook paper to make large ice cream cones to hang on the front porch.  On a side note, I am SO happy we have since painted our house!

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The ice cream truck we used was Frankie’s Frozen Treats.  Not only are all of their treats amazing, but they are also the nicest people!  And SO reasonably priced.  Look them up if you are in North Orange County.  Besides the truck we put out our blow up pool and a few water tables to entertain the kids.  Hopefully one day we will have a pool to have real pool parties!IMG_8966 copy IMG_8972 copy IMG_9040 copy IMG_9054 copy IMG_9073 copy IMG_9084 copy IMG_9091 copy IMG_9095 copy IMG_9104 copy  IMG_9133 copy IMG_9136 copy

I love that my friend Jamie snapped this picture of Kennedy and I at the end of her party.  Because what happened to my diaper wearing, aci using baby?  She was completely and totally pooped.  Which means it must have been a great party!

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  1. Siobhan says

    Just found you and all the wonderfull work you are doing on IG. And I am excited! Your work is gorgeous and I am looking forward to learning from you and the others @momtog !! I officially started my biz April ’14. It has certainly been a learning experience 🙂
    Anyway! This party for Kennedy is so fantastic!! Absolutely adore it!
    Siobhan´s last blog post ..Styring’s

  2. Siobhan says

    Oops ~ that was NOT the right gallery!! That is over 2yo.
    I meant for the link to be my home page! A LOT of improvement in the past 2 yrs!
    Siobhan´s last blog post ..Styring’s