The Kann Family – Part II

After we spent time at their cottage, we went down to the beach which was less crowded than normal because of the storm.  And we lucked out because the sun started to come out too!

I knew I would love this family when Kim emailed me and told me that her little guy, Dash “was born with the most awesome extra chromosome”.  Awesome, indeed, because he is a cool little dude.  A cool little dude who decided not to nap the day of our shoot, but cool nonetheless.  Nick is so very sweet with his little brother.  It’s a very cool relationship to see.  And although he is that annoying little brother that pulls his big sister’s hair, you can see Stella is smitten with him as well.  I love capturing the relationships of siblings that love each other so much.

I love living somewhere where families come to vacation and I get to meet people from all over the country.  And get to take their pictures.  Lucky girl I am 🙂



  1. ella says

    the light, the colors and that cool little guy 🙂
    Nice work !
    ellakreilisheimFOTO on Facebook for an equally cool little girl 🙂

  2. Most awesome extra chromosome indeed! Dash is adorable & I love the photo of him clapping his hands! Welcome to the Extra Club, Kim and family!!! 🙂