The O’Rourke Family

This family.  They were a dream to photograph.  And not just because of all that hair.  I’ve known of Sara for some time.  She’s emailed me and always left very kind comments.  I was excited when she booked a session last summer when they were visiting from Kauai.  And then super bummed when she had to cancel.  Thankfully, they were able to reschedule on their most recent trip.

Sara is a Mom*tog.  She’s always taking pictures of her kids.  And what beautiful subjects she has!  Kelta is amazing.  She is the best big sister and also a pro surfer.  At 15.  And she’s practically a mermaid with that hair.  Kellen is a surfer as well and an amazing skateboarder as well.  His mom describes him as a soul surfer.  And Mila is an energizer bunny.  She loves her big sister and is such a free spirit.

I desperately wanted these pictures to be amazing for Sara because I know how much they mean to her.  She’s always behind the camera so to get these pictures with her kids and husband was a big deal.  It can be hard to photograph older kids with their parents.  I get it.  It’s a little awkward for them.  But, this whole family really knew how much it  meant to their mom and they made it happen.

I hope you love these, Sara.  Not just because of the pretty beach and your cute kids.  But because you can see how much they love you in these pictures.  And you can see how much you love them.


  1. Sara says

    Drew, thank you so much! You are such a talented photographer and momtog. I have learned so much about photography from you over the years and look forward to learning more. The whole family was so happy to see our session. We feel like superstars. My mama heart is just elated! Thank you again.

  2. Sarah Macak says

    Yes, my niece Sara and her lovely family are truly as happy as the pictures represent. Timmy and Sara have done an OUTSTANDING job of raising their three children, and teaching them the most valuable, precious thing in life … love for each other. Delighted to see this album of pictures, absolutely beautifully done.

  3. Lindsay says

    These are so beautiful…good looking family too!

  4. Alisia Lane says

    Absolutely gorgeous

  5. Judith O'Rourke says

    I’m in love with this montage. To see my beautiful family through your eyes, is truly amazing. You have captured the families love and happiness. Now if I could only get through looking at the pictures with out tears running down my face. Thank You Drew!