The Nine Family

When I got home from shooting their session I read an article about the huge swells California beaches were having.  That would have been helpful to know before their beach session!  The waves this afternoon were huge.  The biggest I’ve ever seen at this beach.  So big that a rogue wave washed ashore, soaked us all, and took my moccasins out to sea.  But, really.  You shouldn’t wear moccasins to the beach anyways.  Lesson learned.

I love the Nine family.  They will always have a special place in my heart.  Life has changed a bit since  the last time I shot them at this same exact beach.  I was very pregnant with my little girl and they had a big hole in their hearts.  It was fun returning back here with them four years later.  Jilli and Alec looked exactly the same.  Just a little taller.  It really made my heart so happy to see Tina so happy.  She’s really a joyful and wonderful woman.  And an inspiration to me as a mom.  Clearly the hole is and always will be there.  Nothing can change that.  But I love their positive outlook and happiness they exude.  They are awesome.



  1. Richard says

    Lovely photographs!! Thanks for sharing them 🙂