Real Mom*tog – Hannah Jeng

I often get questions about upgrading equipment.  It’s easy to feel limited by the equipment you have.  But, there is something to be said about someone who can take incredible pictures without buying the latest and most expensive equipment.  If you know your camera and understand light you can get great images with whatever you have.

That is why I was so impressed with our Real Mom*tog Hannah Jeng from Happily Everly AfterHannah is a mom to two cute kiddos who is living in Chicago.  Her images are bright and happy and she is only working with a Canon T3i.  That is impressive, people!  Hannah recently gave some great tips on capturing movement over on the Mom*tog Instagram. You can see all Hannah’s tips here or search #momtoghannah on Instagram.  And be sure to follow Hannah’s personal account @happilyeverlyafter

*** Canon T3i, Sigma 17-50mm f2.8, f2.8, 1/60, ISO 400

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

“Capturing movement [Part 1 of 2]: If you follow my personal account (@happilyeverlyafter) you’ve already seen this picture yesterday but I thought I’d share it here today to talk about how to deliberately capture movement.  There are many ways to create motion blur and it can be very hit or miss but here is what I’ve found to be useful:
1.  Slow down your shutter speed. When the shutter is open longer, the subject has more time to move across/within the frame to establish some kind of blur.
2.  Decrease your ISO.  By choosing a low number you will be able to have your shutter speed open longer without letting in too much light. Another way to compensate for the extra light is to narrow your aperture (higher f-stop number). 3.  Keep your camera perfectly still!  With your shutter open for longer, it’s essential that you keep steady.  If you have a tripod, use it!  As always, practice makes perfect! – Hannah @happilyeverlyafter #momtoghannah

*** Canon T3i, Sigma 17-50mm f2.8, f2.8, 1/8, ISO 200

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Capturing movement [Part 2 of 2]: Whenever my son is stuck on a homework problem, he shakes his pencil up and down while in deep concentration. I knew I wanted to capture that little nervous shake for my January photo project and to my surprise it was easier than I expected! I purposely had him do his homework in the living room where there’s plenty of light, set up my tripod, adjusted my settings, and patiently waited for the moment to happen.  It didn’t take many tries to get the perfect shot because with the exception of his fingers, he was perfectly still!
Because photography is an art form, there’s no right or wrong way to take pictures. I think the most important thing is to experiment (and have fun!). Happy shooting! – Hannah @happilyeverlyafter #momtoghannah

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