5 Minute Curls

I am not a beauty blogger and I’m not going to try to be.  But when Irresistible Me asked if I wanted to try out their Ruby auto rotating curling iron I was like, heck yeah.  Actually, they first asked to send me their hair extensions and I laughed because clearly they don’t know my hair.  I have enough hair for 5 people’s heads.  I wrote an entire essay on my hair senior year of college when asked to write about a challenge in our lives (and I got an A+ on it).  My hair is thick and naturally curly.  Well, curly on the bottom and straight on top.  It can’t decide what it wants to be.  I wear it long so the weight keeps it more straight and less frizzy.  And I’m so low maintenance because who has time for hair cuts (although seeing these pictures makes me realize I need to make time to get in for a cut!)?  I think I’m down to one cut a year.  Maybe two in a good year. And you will typically find my hair in a side braid because it’s easy and the only semi cute hair style I can pull off.

If I blow dry my hair straight it takes me 40 minutes.  And my arms are mad at me after.  I’m not going to typically spend another 40 minutes curling it after because my arms would literally fall of.  So I’m in love with this curling iron because all you have to do is press a button and it spins your hair for you.  Totally saves my arms.

But I have a trick if I just want some easy curls and don’t want to spend 40 minutes.  This takes about 5 minutes.

First I set my curling iron to the hottest setting at 400.  I have really thick hair so I need the higher heat setting.Momtog | Hair Tutorial1Momtog | Hair Tutorial2

Then I put my hair into a high pony.  Momtog | Hair Tutorial3

I do this because it really separates my layers for me.  Momtog | Hair Tutorial4

Then I just curl the entire ponytail.  If I were to curl my hair while it was down it would take about 40 minutes.Momtog | Hair Tutorial5

When I’m done I take out the pony and run my fingers through my hair to loosen the curls. I then curl any pieces I missed.Momtog | Hair Tutorial6

And, that’s it!  I know most of you are busy Moms like myself so I thought this little ponytail trick might help for when you want easy and effortless curls.      Momtog | Hair Tutorial7And if you have a lot of hair like me you will honestly love the Ruby auto rotating curling iron from Irresistible Me as well!  Even Kennedy loves it.  Or maybe she just loves that it’s so much faster than her other curling iron!


  1. that pony tail trick! amazing!! iv’e never tried that before. totally genius!